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  3. O juiz decreteu uma sentença em 2008 numa ação de indenização (acidente de trânsito), onde o réu foi condenado a pagar uma quantia. Contudo, o mesmo não o fez. O autor não executou. Ainda pode executar esta sentença?

  4. I don’t get the autism stuff, does McCain think Palin’s child has autism, or does he think autism and Down Syndrome are the same thing? Or does someone with a child that has Down Syndrome become an expert in all types of Special Needs? It was all wacky.It was close, but Obama won and McCain didn’t get any kind of home run that he needed.

  5. Yay for tricks! Awesome job, both of you. I love that she proved to you she does know what she is doing after all, she just needs the pressure of an instructor looking on. Can we expect to see a whole dance routine once your class is finished? I bet you and Delilah would excel at canine freestyle.

  6. I didn’t find it, I made up Musician’s Universe off the top of my head when I wrote this post, and then that comment popped up. I’m guessing a reader read my post and then thought it would be funny to actually register the site I made up. I have nothing to do with it.

  7. Non sto insultando,vedo la situazione come sia reale..ammiro le persone che tornano da me e sono d’accordo con me ! dopo che ho fatto notare il problema..e sono tanti che alzano la testa,te lo assicuro !!Godo come un matto quando ai semafori si aspettano i soliti rompiballe,mentre invece ricevono una segnalazione diversa dalle solite stronzate televisive…e la trovano per lo meno diversa,poi sono i recettori del cervello a decidere !Spero in fretta ,visto che state spingendo per imbavagliare la rete,sulla liberta’ d’opinione !

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  10. Sí, ahora más que nunca. Pero soñar despierto, pensar e imaginar el sueño. Es el momento de redefinirlo todo: economía, política, sociedas de clases, trabajo, ideales, valores, relaciones sociales y relación con la naturaleza. Somos una generación afortunada, estamos viviendo el declive de una sociedad basada en la energía “barata”. Cuantos más soñemos, menos margen para la pesadilla de la barbarie.Debate caliente. Qué piensas? 9  6

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  12. Regarding the epilogue, my complaint is not that it is quiet, that normal life has resumed, or that its focus is on Hogwarts and family life. I don’t mind that it’s bland. What bothers me is how it is written blandly. It’s not descriptive, evocative, or mood-evoking at all. I suppose that something that lacks emotion is bland, so maybe I am complaining about the blandness. But still, if there is one single thing I learned in my college fiction classes (and there may only be one thing), it is this: when you write a boring character/event/place you don’t use boring writing.

  13. Tout à fait d’accord pour les 1, 3 et 4.J’aime bien aussi Nolan et son côté magouilleur un peu bling bling dans Revenge.Pour AHS, je reste réservé. On commence à y voir plus clair, mais je ne suis pas forcément enthousiaste vis à vis de tel ou tel personnage, sauf peut-être celui de Jessica Lange (et encore).Sinon, je ne regarde pas 2 Broke Girls. Personnellement, je mettrais Jess (New Girl) pour boucler mon top 5.

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  15. Shooter’s blog has been dormant for months. His last post was last March. There’s been no explanation (at least there) for this, so presumably Shooter’s decided not to blog any more and the blog is defunct, just sitting there as an archive of the older posts.

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  17. Wow, ist das viel. Ich bin noch nicht durch, aber ,,Harry Brown” finde ich auch interessant. Nun hat Caine ja auch viel Schrott nur für das Geld gedreht, aber das wird er ja wohl nicht mehr nötig haben. Und seine Performance ist immer sehenswert. (,,Gran Torino” finde ich übrigens großartig.)

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  24. I see they’re slowly expanding their fan base to the over-40s, huh? Awesomethat will be me in the future! XDI apologize for the brevity of this post, but I have to go and write an obituary now, so I’m not exactly in a cheery mood. I’ll be back soon.*hugs* i hope you feel better soon~

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  26. Having trouble believing you guys who openly complain about Phil, as if losing this year completely overshadows his past accomplishments or disproves that his tactics work. The Lakers didn’t win. I know that’s hard for some to accept. But the fact that it did means that this team wasn’t good enough. For all the times that Laker fans are willing to claim that other teams weren’t good enough when the Lakers win, I find it crazy that every time they don’t it’s never because the other team was better but simply because the coach or the players sucked. Get real.

  27. Daniel dit :Longtemps je me suis demandé pourquoi j’aime la danse classique pendant quelques années et puis sans m’en rendre compte je privilégie la danse contemporaine.Ce sont 2 énergies différentes, nous dis-tu ? Bon sang mais c’est bien sûr ! C’est donc mon état d’énergie qui me fait passer de l’un à l’autre. Amateur et spectateur, j’admire ton énergie et celle de tous les danseurs.Merci pour ces beaux moments de rêve et d’évasion. Avec plaisir, Daniel !

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  29. I am sick to death of Sportsters being called “Half a Harley” for years… I remember when a 74″Shovel Head FL was called a “Big Inch” engine, but if I do my math correctly 1200CC is pretty damn close to 74″. So if you wanted to call any bike a “Half a Harley”, it would have to be the Blast, with it’s single jug.If the Motor Company wants to bring back the Spring, Hummer, Topper, and even the damned snowmobile, let them. Sportster riders won’t look down on them like the 110″ riders look down on us.

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  31. I’m with you. So not worth saving in Tupperware. That’s why I’ll be damned if I’m going to save my one-bite remainders in something environmentally friendly. I put ‘em in something disposable. Extra washing? I’m with you.Do you think Adam is using cheapness as an excuse to carry that ladybug bag? I do.

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  36. Many thanks. I’ve passed this article along to friends with small kids. Note though, what some reviewers are saying. The app isn’t password protected, so someone getting your iPhone would also be getting critical information about you kids. Given the number of complaints, I suspect that will be quickly fixed. The ability to email a photo to the cops quickly is a big plus.

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  42. Dreaming in Waves has a quote: "At Oregon's Cape Blanco, an anemometer that lost one of its cups registered wind gusts in excess of 145 miles per hour (233 km/h); some reports put the peak velocity at 179 miles per hour (288 km/h)." Does he have a source other than Wikipedia? Wikipedia wants a source for that quote.

  43. Thanks Lizzy. I’m sorry about making you look through a zillion posts to figure out what I was referring to. I was the person who was in denial and you jokingly suggested I try the McDonald’s test and see if I still think I’m not diabetic. Next time I ask you a question I will be sure to give you more background information to work with. You’re a big help to a lot of people, especially those who are newly diagnosed, like me.

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  48. mheshiimiwa dit :Merci pour le complimentPar contre, le film a été réalisé par un copte chrétien, donc tout rejeter sur la faute du « juif qui est méchant et qui fait que des mauvaises choses » me parait un peu facile.Prétendre que tous les juifs font de la propagande islamophobe est faux et dangereux, c »est comme prétendre que tous les musulmans sont antisémites.

  49. I know all about the licensed contractors and the fact that I can hire the guy who actually does the work to come on a Saturday and work the whole day for $250, it is crap and as long as your guy is actually good you are safe for small jobs I have always had the guy, not the real licensed contractor come. Everyone knows of someones cousin or some such person who is in the trades, we always had my uncle the electrician come to do the work, the truth is a friend or family member is way more likely to do a good job working on the side than some licensed tradesman who sends a lackey.

  50. It is so positive for school age girls to play with dolls, in my opinion, as this reinforces imaginative play, which will help with creativity and resourcefulness. In addition, it could build confidence in that they are ‘caring’ for someone else and doing a great job. The doll really is so beautiful!

  51. Arghh! All those numbers! I can see a certain elegance in things like moebius and some of Einsteins equations, written out on a huge board.But stuff like bank statements,grocery dockets? It “does my head in” as Londoners say.Nice minis,Hilke.

  52. Why should people only be able to submit questions via video….A brilliant question – is a brilliant question…why waste bandwidth. Perhaps some people may not want to be that elaborate. They want the question to be the center of attention, not the video image…….let's be flexible and practical so that this become a truly democratic collaboration!!!

  53. Llegué tarde…. David ya liquidó al croata. A juzgar por los numeritos, bien David. El primer set pudo resolverlo con mayor facilidad, pero fue a penales y por suerte lo resolvió muy bien. El segundo fue un paseo. Ahora en cuartos le tocará el dinosaurio escocés…. Un difícil rival, para saber dónde esta parado David. El H2H favorece al escocés 3-2, quien ganó los 3 últimos enfrentamientos.

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  59. Kate is correct. Ever since that nonsense od Reaganomics, people believe in foolish schemes.The big one is that if we cut taxes, then commerce will increase (supply side nonsense) and tax revenue will increase. I guess we should then cut taxes to zero and the federal deficit will disappear because the revenue will approach infinity.

  60. It also matters how many people are applying with those numbers. The percentages are a bit misleading. If I told you that a medical School class has 160 people. 10 of them are African American, 120 are White and the other 30 are Asian/Indian. What would you rather be? Medical schools are accepting way more White people than blacks. There are just A LOT of white people applying compared to African Americans and that is why the percentages seem so favorable for African Americans.

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  65. Patoshea love your description of the Sanctimonious Hartcher who I heard justifying his response to “the Misogyny Speech”. Again he missed the point with his articile on the AWU accusations. If and when the SMH goes down I hope that he doesn’t even get a job selling the Big Issue.

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  74. You’re right — the wealth destruction of the price decline is a LOT more important than the small increase in sales in February, which is probably mostly explained that 2008 is a leap year and so February had 29 instead of 28 days.

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  166. Good! That was pathetic they only nominated two songs last year and two of them I did not even think were the best of the bunch (“Life’s a Happy Song” was SO much better than “Man or Muppet”). I had a whole list of songs that could have been eligible that year.Now the question is what songs will be eligible. We shall just have to see.

  167.  » combien les hommes sont attrayants dans l’action pour une grande cause [ de Gaulle]Vos attraits, cher Passou, se trouvent decuples.A la mort de son grand homme la veuve se venge de la gloire de celui ci et de sa propre obscurite

  168. what is next from tiny Iceland he he – i love this country. Been there once and would love to go there again:) – go go Iceland and lead the digital world. Recent development in USA, Egypt and so forth is telling us that we need some serious leader here. At least our UK government isn’t doing a shit.

  169. Et voilà, si tu me mets en tête des images de citron et d'Amalfi, je ne réponds plus de rien. La journée va être productive, tiens…Je me la garde cette recette, en espérant qu'un jour j'aurais l'occasion de la réaliser, j'ai rien que des hermétiques au citron à la maison, pfff…

  170. Kalli – excellent question! Children are welcomed, as long as you keep track of your own (our crowd control crew's responsibilities don't include babysitting or keeping the preteens from climbing up to look {and spit} over the parking structure wall — not that that happened at the last concert *eyeroll*). This week's show is an EXCELLENT one for the whole family.

  171. Ti raccomando grandemente la lettura della suddetta Canzone, che ti assicuro non è né melensa come “i cipressetti”(ma chi li ha resi melensi?!), né tanto meno una ‘canzonetta’.La summenzionata è un inno – divinamente scritto – alla riscossa della dignità, all’affermazione del proprio vincolo al territorio a costo della vita. E i riferimenti ‘nordici’ divengono universali: leggitela (io me la sto re-imparando a memoria: si sa mai!).

  172. Hej Birgitte,Hvor er det flot med dit vægttab! Nu kender jeg ikke Dukan-kuren særlig godt, men jeg går ud fra, at der nok er andre forudsætninger i den kur, der gør, at det ikke er nødvendigt for dig at spise bønner eller linser. Bønner og linser er kulhydrater og kulhydrater hjælper din krop med at udnytte din kost ordentligt mht fedt og proteiner.Hilsen Sanne

  173. Rob – That's a very nice lot you've got there. I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of them. And I completely agree with you about doing research before purchasing a book. I'm almost always more likely to do some 'background checking' before buying a book than I am before borrowing one.

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  175. RosaMy husband and I were frequent diners at Se Ja Meh since the day they opened on Greenwich Street, and we were greatly saddened to learn that it closed. The restaurant became a second home for us, and we are still on the search for an establishment in the vicinity that will fill the void left by SJM. Not an easy feat. We will miss you SJM!

  176. uggggg….more machines designed to take the "thinking and acting" away from humans….we need to do MORE sensing and tactile acting on instinct, not less. Making things easier has more often than not lead to the deterioration of human's abilities.

  177. Estou cansado de ler tanta contestação contra a instalação do Estaleiro Jurong no ES. – Na minha opinião o Jurong deveria buscar um outro local / estado e deixar estes pessoal do contra e ver só navios em ES e adeus plataformas…..Vejam a decisão do OSX . Santa Catarina começou a complicar, mudaram imediatamente de rumo para o RJ e para muito melhor. “Se estamos seguindo uma estrada e há uma árvore caída, porque tentar remover a árvore? Dê rê e busque outro caminho…………

  178. bill , it would be too easy to have to vote to where you couldn’t be corrupt. thats the American way for the last 40 years and getting worse . what other government sits and tells ceo’s how much money they should make and what kind of cars they can build? oh yes, russian(communists). 56% of the voters( acorn) voted for something they knew nothing of or what it was about. dont that tell you something ?

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  184. A 7463 eh?? I know nawthing about them but i will duly google it and post my appraisal. I, of course, have had a singer and it was wonderful…..happy sewing. I am so pleased to have passed this brilliant occupation on to you darling. I do feel that I have a part in this. Saw your Mum and Pats 2 weeks ago and it was brill.Philly xxxxx

  185. it’s a young town, it’s not that young – it’s not run by twenty-somethings, it’s run by thirty-somethings. a junior exec can’t greenlight wiping their ass without someone higher (and generally much older i.e. forties) giving approvalis it me or is the real story here that jaivo’s out after seven months despite the fact that wb put him through college on scholarship?? guess wb decided to, ahem, diversify on the investment