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  4. What a great way to focus when connecting with other believers! Instead of the ‘which church’ topic the conversation is stirred around faith and what is life like with and in Him. How can we not accept each other and encourage each other when aspects of His fullness animate us. Seems we would grow together through each other!

  5. Well it sounds similar to they shouldn’t have invited we if they had the complaint with we staying there. And it sounds similar to we helped out in alternative ways, similar to profitable for their dinner, drinks as well as yardwork. Maybe they feel which THEY were unequivocally bold as well as have been perplexing to have it appear as if we were. If they can’t get over soaking the couple of glasses- afterwards may be they shouldn’t have people over!!

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  7. I grew up in the Northwest but my experience actually follows your East Coast model to the T, so I beg to differ. While I agree that it’s easy to confuse the culture with the church in areas with a higher concentration of members I don’t think that’s at all unique to Mormons. I believe that occurs with any religious group. And I have to admit that even though the experience my kids are having growing up in Provo is completely different from that I had growing up in Western Oregon, living here has been good for my kids so far. Their experience has also been much more diverse than mine was. Go figure.

  8. Well-reasoned and very well delivered post, here. I agree with both the story and the life lines, as I’ve seen both occur, and “suffered” through the consequences of the changes.As you say, though, change defines life, and if we are writing about “real” living characters, change also defines their lives.

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  14. Just another great post that shows how lucky your entire family is: Mama will always be REAL. What a gift. (P.S. You’re closer now than you were when you blogged last…I know, I know…but not as close as tomorrow! Yes, I sang that last line.)

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  18. – within a day of this poster being put up on Facebook, complaints from the public led to the owner of the venue apologising for not realising it had been scheduled and announcing that it would not be going ahead. Most of the (all-male) comedians in the line-up are apologising too, though not all.

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  29. So she has no credibility because she's paid to give speeches? Everyone is paid to give speeches. The Jewish cause is never with the "majority". Only the anti-semitic one. Those who persecuted Jews have traditionally been in the majority. That hasn't really changed.Pursuing the majority's favor will never really work. Standing up for what's right will.

  30. “Never accept a convert or a child born of a convert,” Kassin told me by phone, summarizing the message. “Push them away with strong hands from our community. Why? Because we don’t want gentile characteristics.”Still, according to one Seinfeld biographer, Jerry Oppenheimer, [Seinfeld’s mother] retained enough of her early training to warn her son never to marry a convert.Is this about religion, or about an ethnic group masquerading as one?

  31. NS,unfortunately, it seems we are all affected on way or another, no matter which continent we live in. We love our woodland strip, it is the biggest bit of woodland we will ever own and was one of the major reasons for us buying this house, if we lose the huge trees, it will be devastating. Having seen a small part of Canada’s pine forest when on holiday, I can sympathise if they are being destroyed by a beetle, is anything being done or will nature take its course?

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  34. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, and following my blog. Glad to hear there are folks out there who take pity on abandoned pooches; with me it’s cats and sadly neglected Walmart plants. But I have a heart for all living things & love to hear “happy ever after” stories.

  35. Homemade lattes!!! Yum! I would love to do one of the running tours. I’ve got to remember to sign up! I guess it is this week? I’ve got plans this Wednesday but next month hopefully I can do it!

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  38. I agree about Ibanez. His swing has never looked so awful – he’s so obviously trying to pull everything and hit it as hard as he can…resulting in a grounder to second every time. It’s basically like watching the sadness that was Pedro Feliz at the plate the past two years..237 and counting isn’t gonna cut it. If they plan on making Raul a starter next year things are going to get really ugly.

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  43. Great tips. Especially for those preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement. Although #9 can make you look a lil’ off your rocker, be sure to handle this one at home ; )

  44. Hey, where did everybody go? Don’t you want to discuss healthcare reform anymore? Just when we were getting to be such good friends! Ted? Are you there?

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  46. What’s going on Wednesdays? I think it’s a waste to have “X” and “Idol” go to 9:30 or even 10:00. I could see why the network might be reluctant to put two comedies there, but why not a drama?

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  52. Chris sounds like a dream agent…I'm really hopeful that agents are actually looking for something that isn't currently trending on shelves, because I avoid trends like sick people. Timeless is the way to go (like, for example, maybe all manuscripts should have Dick Clark in them–that dude is going to be rocking New Year's Eve for EVER. Just kidding…:P I love those books that you can read years later and they still feel current. It's tough to do in YA, but when it works, it's magic.)Great interview, Shelli! As always.

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  61. This was difficult for me. I struggled. I think I have some semblance of it’s meaning, but what do I know..I too quickly throw words and phrases around, every day when asleep at the wheel..Thanks M!

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  69. Youtube has no right to suggest they care about their user's voice, unless it falls inline with Google's political world view. There has been a good debate amongst users at video sites, such as youtube(dot)com(slash)watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs and youtube is systematically censoring comments there that is nothing but free speech in action and do not violate any youtube policies. This is Stalinist and its outrageous.

  70. Hey Max,I was just listening to your audio from 6/25/09. Around the 18:30 mark you were going over all the Goldman infiltration of the government and treasury. You forgot one:Goldman worm Neil Kashkari in charge of TARP. Nice round up though…

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  79. Strach z raker je stejnÄ› směšný jako strach z komunistů! Je příznačné, že se tu “vÄ›tÅ¡ina” lidí komunistů i raket, i když uznávám, že se tyto vÄ›tÅ¡iny asi nepÅ™ekrývají na 100%. Bude zajímavé sledovat, jak se v té vládÄ›, co nechce referendum, budou chovat Zelení…

  80. Sue & Lee Embury – Andy & Jess – what a totally, truly amazing ‘snapshot’ of your special week. Beautiful and perfect! We are only sorry that we couldn’t have been there to celebrate with you. xx

  81. All three are gorgeous! I love the colors in the first bracelet, especially that wonderful punch of red. And the second bracelet has so much movement with the leaf chain. The third is stunning with those fabulous orange acrylic beads! I guess we can forgive you for being away since you did make up for it by sharing these lovelies.

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  86. “200 yeara of systematic abuse bordering on cultural genocide”Thats the sort of bullshit you should really keep between yourself and your fringe leftie mates. Because normal people will treat it as the liberal guilt fantasy that it is.

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  88. sweet potatoes are NEVER ugly. YUM. I make something very similar to this. I add baking powder (yes, I do) and fold in crushed pineapple. It’s our traditional Thanksgiving yam/yum dish. Haven’t ever added bourbon though…hmmm.

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  161. Oof! I sympathise and empathise with you right now. I ended up shoved onto medication and thrown into counselling a little earlier in the year after doing the whole ‘just get on with it’ thing for years. Unfortunately I don’t have much else to offer, but I know the blank expressions and the ‘oh not again’ looks that people tend to give in these situations, so I know that having someone say ‘Yeah, I know how that is’ can be really reassuring. Ah well, chin up, we’re British!

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  175. okay, that is both scary and sad. I started crying when i read the end. 100/5 for awesome imagination and that girl making me want to cry. ( where can you order her i want to know my future! ) Comment by dinoman on April 6, 2012 at 3:32 pm

  176. How can AHA possibly be affordable when we can't afford the entitlements we have. Especially now that we know that it's loaded with new taxes hidden by the Dems who crammed it down our throats by telling us it would" lower" HC costs. It's a lie and a sham from the start.

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  184. You always post these when I need them the most! This is the 3rd time I’ve read this and I always get something new from it! I love you and like I always say I’m so glad to have you in my life and as my best friend!!

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  188. I’m so excited about this collection! I’ve knit three of your cardigans, and love every one. The mother-daughter element is lovely…just may have to make my mother, myself, and daughter matching sweaters (sizing down for my almost 4-yr old of course!)…..

  189. I have seemed to admire your work Chad for the last 3 years since I’ve been developing, you have inspired me to to harder each year that goes by, I am glad to see that your schooling is coming to an end, although school never ends in concept. You’ll have to go back someday again lol. Although I hope and wish the very best for your future =)

  190. I enjoyed reading your "How I Write" series this week. It was very enlightening. I personally enjoyed your post on why you chose to go with a traditional publisher. I am looking forward to having my copy of Jacob Wonderbar in my hands next week. I wish you luck with it.

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