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Reader: Four Stars is a ‘Home Town Hero’


Dear Editor:

All too often letters are written to complain or to call something negative to our attention. Bad news and bad deeds are all too easy to find.

I would like to write a letter to bring to everyone’s attention that there are still businesses, still hard working employees who should be recognized for going above and beyond to help someone without any thought of reward of any kind.

Last Thursday, I was on my way home after work, traveling on 287 between Wichita Falls and Bellevue. Before I had time to do much of anything about it, I saw a lead pipe in my lane just ahead. Too late to hit the shoulder, my first thought, as I was traveling in the right lane, was to move into the left lane; however, a large truck was passing me on that side. While I tried to go over the pipe, I hit it with my right front tire and had a total blow out shredding my front right tire. Luckily, I was about 1/2 mile or less from Four Stars Auto Ranch in Henrietta. I coasted in and within less than 10 minutes, my overloaded trunk was unloaded to get to the donut tire, the shredded tire was removed, put in a bag and put in my trunk, my rear tire was changed to the front and the donut tire was on the back for safety and I was on my way. There was “no charge”.

As I travel that stretch of highway alone every day, Four Stars was a God-sent. I cannot express the depth of my appreciation and gratitude for their concern and assistance during what could have been a crisis. They also agreed to call the Sheriff’s office about the obstruction on the road to avoid the same or worse fate for another 287 traveler.

Four Stars Auto Ranch, Henrietta, deserves the title of “Home Town Heroes.”

Dee Anna Booker
Bellevue, Texas

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