Saturday benefit to fund completion of Henrietta Boy Scout facility

With the exterior of the Henrietta Boy Scouts facility all but complete, work continues on the interior. A beans and cornbread meal and auctions set for Saturday will help fund the project.

With the exterior of the Henrietta Boy Scouts facility all but complete, work continues on the interior. A beans and cornbread meal and auctions set for Saturday will help fund the project.

With their new scout hut near completion, the Henrietta Boy Scouts will hold a bean and cornbread benefit and auction at the Holman Center in Henrietta on Saturday, Oct. 11 to raise funds for finishing the building.

The exterior of the scout hut is complete, and work continues on the interior of the 4,800 sq. ft. building. The new facility is located in the 100 block of West Travis Street.

In existence since 1928, this will be the first time for the Henrietta Boy Scouts to own their own facility. Troop 91 and Cub Scout Pack 92 have always met at locations owned by other organizations, such as the Clay County Senior Citizens Center. Currently, the troop meets at the Rock Barn, owned by Duaine and Theresa Covert.

In its 84-year history, Troop 91 has served Henrietta and the surrounding area as a civic organization by completing a number of community improvement projects each year. There are more than 100 youth are involved in scouting in Henrietta.

Construction of the scout hut will allow the organization to continue to grow, said Scout Master Joe Bill Brock in a recent interview. In 2012, Troop 91 and Pack 92 incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the name Henrietta Boy Scouts, making it eligible for an $80,000 matching funds grant from the Bryant Edwards Foundation.

The boys scouts have worked hard to meet the grant match and, with a strong turnout at Saturday’s fundraiser, be able to complete the facility.

Saturday’s meal includes beans, cornbread, ham, a drink and dessert. Cost for the meal is a donation.

A live and silent auction will be held during the evening with many donations already received, including a weekend getaway package, Dallas Cowboys tickets, the use of a condo for a week, a television, an autographed baseball, a Nokona baseball glove and many other items.

Doors open at 6 p.m.


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