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Skee Burkes claims ranch bronc title, mutton busters win the crowd


Skee Burkes of Henrietta scored 78 points in the ranch bronc competition Saturday night, enough to win his event in the 83rd Clay County Pioneer Reunion Rodeo.

It was the second year for Burkes, a 17-year-old senior at Henrietta High School, to compete in the Pioneer Reunion Rodeo. Last year, Burkes came away with second place in ranch bronc.

Casey Maddox, a native of Byers who has broken into the ranks of the PRCA, placed second in saddle bronc with a score of 78.

The Coleman brothers of Henrietta fared well in the mutton busting, an event added last year for ages 6 and under. Cruse Coleman won the event Thursday night, while Cooper Coleman won Saturday night. Ardyn Harrison of Henrietta won the event Friday.

FFA Calf Scramble teams representing Henrietta and Bellevue entered Saturday night’s rodeo performance tied for first place. The Henrietta FFA team edged the competition Saturday to take the overall win. Bellevue finished second, followed by Petrolia in third and Midway in fourth place.

The 2014 Pioneer Reunion Rodeo paid out more than $23,000 in winnings over three performances Sept. 18, 19 and 20.


First place, Jake Brown, 84, $894.72; second, Steven Anding, 80, $596.48.

Steer Wrestling

First place, Ryan Hitton, 4.4 seconds, $1,006.33; second (tie), Reagan Holcomb, 4.5, $676.13; second (tie), Scott Inge, 4.5, $676.13; fourth, Cody Harmon, 4.7, $471.72; fifth, Ryan Bothum, 4.8, $314.48.

Breakaway Roping

First place, Maddy Goforth, 3.53, $1,050.43; second (tie), Kendra Draculios, 3.56, $705.75; second (tie), Hope Thompson, 3.56, $705.75; fourth, Nicole Coy, 4.04, $492.39; fifth, Carolyn Eddler, 4.28, $328.26.

Calf Roping

First place, Ryan Thibodeaux, 8.94, $1,431.49; second, Cody McCartney, 9.03, $1,184.68; third, Westyn Hughes, 9.13, $937.87; fourth, Cory Solomon, 9.28, $691.06; fifth, Landyn Duncan, 9.38, $444.25; sixth, Trenton Johnson, 9.56, $246.81.

Saddle Bronc

First place, Koby Williams, 84, $986.75; second, Casey Maddox, 78, $592.05; third, Todd Rangel, 77, $394.70.

Ranch Bronc

First place, Skee Burkes, 78, $830.20; second, Shyrale Bivens, 74, $499.92; third, Dakota Rice, 73, $333.28.

Barrel Racing

First place, Taylor Jacobs, 16.773, $1,171.74; second, Holly Fenoglio, 16.783, $969.72; third, Abby Pursifull, 16.828, $767.69; fourth, Wyatt Grace Andrews, 16.907, $565.67; fifth, Jan Burns, 16.921, $363.64; sixth, Martha Wright, 16.973, $202.02.

Bull Riding

First place (tie), Boudreax Campbell, 83, $980.10; first (tie), Chase Schaffer, 83, $980.10; third, Justin Hendrix, 79, $560.06; fourth (tie), Bryan Titman, 78, $140.01; fourth (tie), Bryan Titman, 78, $140.01.

FFA Calf Scramble

  • Overall winner: First place, Henrietta; second, Bellevue, third, Petrolia; fourth, Midway
  • Thursday: First place, Henrietta; second, Bellevue; third, Midway; fourth, Petrolia
  • Friday: First place, Bellevue; second, Henrietta; third, Petrolia; fourth, Midway
  • Saturday: First place, Henrietta; second, Bellevue; third, Petrolia; fourth, Midway

Mutton Busting

Nightly winners: Thursday, Cruse Coleman, Henrietta; Friday, Ardyn Harrison, Henrietta; Saturday, Cooper Coleman, Henrietta.

Kids’ Calf Scramble

  • Thursday: First place, Christian Coker, Deer Creek; second, Kyle (last name not provided), Henrietta; third, Grace Martin, Henrietta
  • Friday: First place, Christian Coker, Deer Creek; second place, Madeline Catron, Henrietta; third place, Seth Spivey, Joy
  • Saturday: First place, Christian Yoda, Henrietta; second, Kyle Sharples, Bluegrove; third, Leslie Horton, Texas

Boot Drawing

Nightly Winners: Thursday, Carrol Vicars, Jolly, Cavender’s Boot City; Friday, Oat Deweber, Henrietta, The Browse Shop; Saturday, Colleen James, Wichita Falls, Waggoner’s Boot Center.


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