Open carry rally organizers move BLM protest to Burkburnett


An open-carry rally coordinated in protest of the Bureau of Land Management activities on the Red River will not take place north of Byers as planned.

The “Gathering of the American Patriot Red River Rally” has been move to a location in Burkburnett, in Wichita County. The May 24 event was first scheduled to take place on Red River in an area accessible from a right-of-way on the south side of the Hwy. 79 Bridge.

The rally is organized by Come and Take It Texas, and parent group Come and Take It America, which promote the open carry of firearms and operates a sister website and Facebook page under the name “Don’t Comply”. The event has been publicized with Second Amendment groups, Texas

CATI Texas announced in a Facebook post and on that the event will be held in conjunction with the Wichita Falls Police Chief, but the WFPD said no such relationship between the department and the open carry organization exists.

“It’s not a Wichita Falls sponsored event,” said Sgt. John Spragins, spokesperson for the WFPD. “We obviously don’t get involved in these types of events.”

The organization expects more than 1,000 to attend the event, billed as a show of support for farmers and ranchers in North Texas and “to stand up to the petty tyrants in the Bureau of Land Management.”

“While BLM has not yet stationed it’s armed goons at the border, next month Texans will gather to send a clear message of what to expect if it tries,” states James Franklin, a writer for Come and Take It America, in a post on the site.

Murdoch Pizgatti, co-founder of CATI America, did not reply to interview requests.


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