Council to consider rate increase for residential waste collection

City1st Poly-Cart2nd Poly-Cart
Archer City$21.98$8.80
Iowa Park$14.00$7.00
Lakeside City$22.75$3.14

City Administrator Kelley Bloodworth is urging the Henrietta City County to consider a small hike in residential garbage rates in an effort to offset a surcharge collected by waste management company IESI.

imagesThe fuel surcharge came up during a discussion of the city’s contract with IESI. No action was taken during Monday’s meeting.

The City of Henrietta pays IESI a fuel surcharge of $1,000 each month. The surcharge is subtracted from a franchise fee paid to the city by IESI. Early estimates indicate that passing the fuel surcharge on to consumers would raise rates by roughly 81 cents per account.

Henrietta residential rates are $12.91 for one poly-cart, and $2.77 for a second poly-cart per month.

Bloodworth said Monday that she had considered the possibility of renegotiating the city’s contract with IESI, but after calling several surrounding municipalities of similar size, found Henrietta already has the lowest rates.

Of the 10 area cities polled, only Bowie’s rate for poly-cart waste pickup is lower than Henrietta’s at $12.08, while a second poly-cart costs residents of the Montague County town $6.04, which is $3.27 higher than in Henrietta.

“I honestly think we would be shooting ourselves in the foot to cancel our contract with IESI,” said Bloodworth.

IESI also donates poly-carts and dumpsters for the Clay County Pioneer Reunion, Turkey Fest and other events, and supplies the city with 10 roll-off containers for the annual citywide cleanup.

“I would like to see you come up with some numbers and an agenda item,” said Mayor Howard Raeke. The proposed increase will likely be on the April agenda.

The City of Henrietta is in an “evergreen” contract with IESI, which annually for an additional five years.

The council approved a resolution amending the city’s Roth IRA retirement plan to allow additional participation from employees. The city matches funds in a retirement plan offered through the Texas Municipal League, which draws 7 percent from an individuals pay. The Roth IRA is not matched by city funds, and is optional. Employees contribute to the IRA before taxes are deducted. Bloodworth said four or five employees participate in the IRA plan.  Monday’s amendment allows employees to also participate in a post-tax plan.

Aldermen Mike Scott and Robert Lavy will serve another term on the city council. Both men drew no opponents and the May council election has been canceled.

A request by the Henrietta and Clay County Chamber of Commerce to close streets around the courthouse square April 12 for Turkey Fest was approved, as well as a request by the Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department to close the 100 block of West Gilbert Street for a Turkey Fest street dance.


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