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Bellevue ISD announces 4th six weeks honor rolls, perfect attendance


Bellevue ISD has announced “A” honor roll, “A-B” honor roll and perfect attendance for the fourth six weeks grading period of the 2013-14 school year.

A Honor Roll

  • First grade — Noah Brown, Gavin Jones, Julia Lawler, Callie Martin and Patience Ramsey.
  • Second — Cirstin Allen, Joshua Benson, Mason Criswell, Jre Donnell, Cierra Matz, Katelyn Montgomery, Ricki Raley, Kyler Reno, Kason Roper, Conner Welborn and Richard Smith.
  • Third — Grace Martin and Rykir Allen.
  • Fourth — Austin Ford.
  • Sixth grade — Tyler Allen, Jacob Eckeberger, Trista Lawson, Rebecca Maddin.
  • Seventh grade — Freedom Morris and Trey Terry.
  • Eighth grade — Gabriel Garza.
  • Ninth grade — Madelyn Eckeberger.
  • Tenth grade Devon Cassetty.
  • Twelfth grade — Matthew Belcher, Brandt Cassetty, James Mangus, Ashley Parr, Kayla Specht and Madison Terry.

A-B Honor Roll

  • First grade — Gage Knowlton, Aiden Montgomery and Noah Ozuna.
  • Second — Kelton Canada, Dillon Hutchison and Jacobi McGregor.
  • Third — Chasitty Delao, Leslie Orton, Aaron Betts and Keller Ogle.
  • Fourth — Hannah Love and Trystin Tatom.
  • Fifth grade — Chase Corwin, Braden Gregory, Destiny Matz, Grifyn Ogle, Kaylee Trail and Travis Terry.
  • Sixth grade — Hannah Auston, Shiane Delaney, Breannah Malaer, Zoie Sanders and Chrissy West.
  • Seventh grade — Jonah Belcher, Zoe Berry, Haley Couffer, Cassie Donaldson, Dani Moore and Dalton Omans.
  • Eighth grade — Megan Brown, Deziree Kendrick and Edward Orton.
  • Ninth grade — Alexandra Brown, Alyssa Corwin, Jonathan Goen, Caysie Hankins, Michael Hanson, Layne Morris and Emily Trail.
  • Tenth grade Kaden Ogle and Kayla Worth.
  • Eleventh — John Grunseich, John Hanson, Hannah McWilliams, Emilio Mendoza, Samantha Pizana and Victoria Woods.
  • Twelfth grade — Emily Barnett, Amy Cambre, Destiny Watkins and Cassidy York.

Perfect Attendance

  • First grade — Gavin Jones, Gage Knowlton and Callie Martin.
  • Second — Cierra Matz and Kyler Reno.
  • Third — Grace Martin.
  • Fourth — Hannah Love.
  • Fifth grade — Hayden Roper and Travis Terry.
  • Sixth grade — Trista Lawson, Breannah Malaer and Zoie Sanders.
  • Seventh grade — Cassie Donaldson, Emily Largent and Trey Terry.
  • Eighth grade — Tatum Moore.
  • Ninth grade — Andrew Booker, Alyssa Corwin, Jonathan Goen, Caysie Hankins and Michael Hanson.
  • Tenth grade Jakob Watkins.
  • Eleventh — Tyler Gallagher and Kyle Waller.
  • Twelfth grade — Brandt Cassetty, James Mangus, Kayla Specht and Cassidy York.

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