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Be an educated voter, be informed on Texas judicial races


Dear Editor:

Voters pay little attention to important judicial elections. Appellate judges influence everyday life and the Texas economy.

Texas has enjoyed better economic conditions than other states, especially during the Obama economy. Texas is attractive for business. Everyone benefits from a good economy. Texas has done well because of:

  • No state income tax.
  • The Texas right to work law.
  • Texas has curtailed lawsuit abuse.

A new tack is in the wind. Plaintiffs’ lawyers have figured out that they can’t elect Democrats for statewide judicial offices, like the Texas Supreme Court. Plaintiff’s lawyers are now funding like-minded “Republican” candidates for judicial races in an effort to make the Texas Supreme Court friendlier to plaintiffs.

Four Texas Supreme Court Justices, Republican incumbents, are up for election this year. Three have opponents in the Republican Primary.

Chief Justice Nathan Hecht’s Republican Primary opponent, Robert E. Talton, and Justice Phil Johnson’s Republican Primary opponent, Sharon McCally, are both financed 100 percent, and new Justice Jeff Brown’s Republican Primary opponent, Joe Pool, Jr., is financed 96 percent by a single Houston plaintiffs’ law firm. According to Richard Trabuldi, Jr., Chairman of Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC, January election reports show all those challengers are financed by Houston Plaintiffs’ lawyer, Mark Lanier and firm members. See: Southeast Texas Record, Southeast Texas Legal Journal, Feb. 5, 2014.

It’s understandable that plaintiffs’ lawyers want Supreme Court justices favorable to their lawsuit point of view. It makes money for them, but if successful, it will hurt Texas and our comparatively good Texas economy.

I encourage all Texas voters to become aware of this effort in Texas judicial politics. Judicial elections are important, but are frequently ignored by Texas voters. A good way to decide about a judicial candidate is to learn who is footing the bill for the candidate’s election. These races clearly show this is an attempt by one Texas plaintiff’ law firm to take over the Texas Supreme Court with plaintiff friendly justices. If successful, this will not bode well for our good Texas economy.

Be informed on Texas judicial races. Be a knowledgeable Texas voter.

God bless America,

Frank J. Douthitt, Lawyer

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