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Macklin wins grand with meat rabbits; Moore wins breeding category


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Emily Macklin of the Petrolia FFA chapter earned grand champion with her meat pen of Broken New Zealand rabbits, while Joe Moore earned a grand championship with a mixed breed in breeding rabbits Friday morning during the 37th annual Clay County Junior Livestock show.

Makayla Cokendolpher, Petrolia FFA, won reserve champion meat rabbit pen, while Nicci Moore showed the reserve champion breeding rabbit. Jacobi Reynolds of the Clay County 4-H and Madalyn Baber of the Petrolia FFA earned senior and junior showmanship, respectively.

Results of the meat rabbit show are as follows:

Meat Rabbit Pen

Grand Champion — Emilee Macklin, Petrolia FFA

Reserve Grand Champion — Makayla Cokendolpher, Petrolia 4-H

Breeding Rabbits

Grand Champion — Joe Moore, Clay County 4-H

Reserve Grand Champion — Nicci Moore, Clay County 4-H


Senior showmanship — Devon Cassetty, Bellevue FFA

Junior showmanship — Madalyn Baner, Petrolia FFA

Results by Class

Meat Rabbit Pen — First place, Emilee Macklin, Petrolia FFA; second, Makayla Cokendolpher, Petrolia FFA; third, Mackenzie Mayo, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Emilee Macklin, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Madalyn Baber, Petrolia FFA; sixth, Halle Houck, Petrolia FFA; seventh, Skyler Brock, Petrolia FFA; eighth, Trista Lawson, Clay County 4-H; ninth, Kiley SMith, Clay County 4-H; 10th, Jacobi Reynolds, Clay County 4-H; 11th, Devon Cassetty, Bellevue FFA; 12th, Kynlee Copeland, Petrolia FFA.

Breeding Rabbits

Class 1 — First place, Haleah Harmon, Clay County 4-H.

Class 2 — First place, Joe Moore, Clay County 4-H; second, Nicci Moore, Clay County 4-H; third, Emilee Macklin, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Colin Kollman, Clay County 4-H.

Class 3 — First place, Trista Lawson, Clay County 4-H.


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