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Chelsey Pryor shows grand champion market hog


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Chelsey Pryor of the Henrietta FFA showed the grand champion market hog Friday during the 37th annual Clay County Junior Livestock Show, while Bailey Waitman, a member of the Petrolia FFA used her senior showmanship skills to garner reserve grand champion. Clay County 4-H member Daniel Koetter earned junior showmanship.

Results of the swine show are as follows:

Market Hogs

  • Grand Champion Chelsey Pryor, Henrietta FFA
  • Reserve Grand Champion — Bailey Waitman, Petrolia FFA


  • Senior Showmanship — Bailey Waitman, Petrolia FFA
  • Junior Showmanship — Daniel Koetter, Clay County 4-H

Results by class:

Breeding Guilts — First place, Hayden Roper, Bellevue FFA

Market Hogs

Class 1 — First place, Tristan Franke, Midway FFA; second, Lizzie Dickinson, Petrolia FFA; third, Reece Essler, Clay County 4-H; fourth, Elizabeth Koetter, Clay County 4-H; fifth, Zeke Mayo, Midway FFA; sixth, Cole Scribner, Clay County 4-H; seventh, Tret Essler, Clay County 4-H.

Class 2 — First place, Bailey Waitman, Petrolia FFA; second, Elizabeth Koetter, Clay County 4-H; third, Ethan Franke, Clay County 4-H; fourth, Ryanne Macklin, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Kaylie Canon, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Rachel Bell, Midway FFA; seventh, Daniel Koetter, Clay County 4-H; eighth, Hayden Roper, Bellevue FFA; ninth, Peyton Macklin, Petrolia FFA; 10th, Baylie Bradshaw, Petrolia FFA.

Class 3 — First place, Heather Hicks, Henrietta FFA; second, Tabitha Dickinson, Petrolia FFA; third, Tristan Franke, Midway FFA; fourth, Daniel Koetter, Clay County FFA; fifth, Leah Scribner, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Rykir Allen, Bellevue FFA; seventh, Dalaney McDonald, Clay County 4-H; eighth, Adeline McDonnell, Henrietta FFA.

Class 4 — First place, Regan Seigler, Clay County 4-H; second, Brendall Dunn, Henrietta FFA; third, Abagail Adams, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Zachary Baker, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Korri Franke, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Ashley Riddle, Clay County 4-H; seventh, Macon Armour, Petrolia FFA; eighth, Bobby Davis, Henrietta FFA.

Class 5 — First place, McKenzie Weaver, Henrietta FFA; second, Justin Koetter, Henrietta FFA; third, K’Lyn Burleson, Clay County 4-H; fourth, Madelyn Koetter, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Reese Hensley, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Corbin Bloodworth, Henrietta FFA; seventh, Vinita Trevino, Petrolia FFA; eighth, Katie Castle, Midway FFA.

Class 6 — First place, Rusty Belknap, Petrolia FFA; second, Kynlee Copeland, Petrolia FFA; third, Becca Riggins, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Abbi Armour, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Ashley Riddle, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Braden Hinkle, Henrietta FFA; seventh, Mason Barry, Henrietta FFA; eighth, Brayden McDonald, Henrietta FFA.

Class 7 — First place, Ryane Dickey, Petrolia FFA; second, Brandon Shipley, Petrolia FFA; third, Addison Wade, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Hunter Lynn, Midway FFA; fifth, Andi Stewart, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Bryce Forester, Midway FFA; seventh, Michael Hanson, Bellevue FFA.

Class 8 — First place, Chelsey Pryor, Henrietta FFA; second, Michaela Hedrick, Henrietta FFA; third, Dalaney McDonald, Clay County 4-H; fourth, Abbe Strickland, Clay County 4-H; fifth, Brady Lyde, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Casey Gill, Henrietta FFA; seventh, Brady Lyde, Henrietta FFA; eighth, Laramie Dunn, Henrietta FFA; ninth, Rhett Sharp, Midway FFA.


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