Christian Covenant Riders raise more than $1,700 for VFDs

Don West of the Christian Covenant Riders presented a check in the amount $1,732.97 to the Clay County Fire Fighters Association. Accepting the check are past president Billy Carlton and new president Tilly Fox.

Don West of the Christian Covenant Riders presented a check in the amount $1,732.97 to the Clay County Fire Fighters Association. Accepting the check are past president Billy Carlton and new president Tilly Fox.

Don West of the Christian Covenant Riders presented a check in the amount $1,732.97 to the Clay County Fire Fighters Association during the organization’s Nov. 5 meeting.

The funds were raised during the H2O Motorcycle Rally and Car Show, held Oct. 26 in Henrietta, and will be distributed among the seven volunteer fire departments participating in the event. Petrolia, Dean, Lake Arrowhead, Arrowhead Ranch Estates, Henrietta, Joy and Jolly volunteer fire departments each provided food booths.

The Christian Covenant Riders raised funds through registration fees for the car show and rally, and through t-shirt sales.

The CCFA and all the VFD’s would like to thank the people who sponsored and that helped make this first annual event a good one.

The next H2O Car Show and Motorcycle Rally is set for Oct. 4, 2014.


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