Clay County Outdoors photo contest winners announced

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Readers of The Clay County Pioneer Sentinel have chosen the winners of this year’s Clay County Outdoors photo contest. Clay County Outdoors staff will select one of the winners to appear on the cover of the 2014 edition of the magazine. The photo not selected for the cover will be featured inside.

The annual magazine is a publication of the Henrietta and Clay County Chamber of Commerce.

“Stine Ranch Bobwhite,” a photograph of a bobwhite quail taken by Jay Stine on the Stine Ranch in the Benvanue area, earned first place in the adult division. Stine’s photo received an overwhelming 56 percent of the vote.

“Windmill No. 1,” the first of three entries from Todd Yurcho, placed first in the youth division with 13 votes.

Readers submitted photos through the month of October, and voted on their favorites Nov. 1-8.


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