Bearcats suffer loss to Jacksboro, tied for third in 8-2A


With Friday’s 37-16 loss to Jacksboro, Henrietta fell to 1-1 in District 8-2A Div. II, tied for third place with Alvord for third place.

Jacksboro and Nocona, both undefeated in district play. Henrietta hosts City View (0-2) Friday, while Jacksboro will face Alvord.

The Tigers took an early 8-0 lead on a three-yard run and two-point conversion from Kirk Weldon. It would be the first of three successful two-point conversions from Jacksboro.

Henrietta answered with a 30-yard field goal by Jameson Dowell with 4 minutes, 17 seconds left in the quarter. The Bearcats would go scoreless in the second quarter.

Jacksboro added eight points in the second on a one-yard run from D.J. Thomas, and again in the third on a two-yard Collin Kinder run.

Cody Fletcher put Henrietta’s first touchdown on the scoreboard with a one-yard run. Dowell added the extra point. The Bearcats scored again in the fourth on a Riley Watson pass to Myles Marchman for 66 yards.

Jacksboro’s final touchdown came with 1 minute remaining in the game on a 75-yard touchdown run.

The Tigers moved the ball 379 yards on the ground as wet, cold conditions limited the passing game of both teams. Jacksboro failed to connect on any of its four pass attempts.

Watson completed four of 11 pass attempts for the Bearcats, accumulating 91 yards through the air and one interception. Two went to Marchman for 78 yards. Fletcher led the Bearcat’s rushing effort with 13 carries for 51 yards, followed by Watson with 20 carries for 50 yards. Henrietta totaled 132 yards on 41 carries.


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