Attend games to support players, not to degrade them


Dear Editor:

I would like to address spectators in our stands at sporting events. It’s very sad to see adults screaming from the stands at high school players, and calling them out about their performance. Shame on you! We are there to support not only our team but each of our players.

If you have a problem with our coaches and the decision they make, schedule an appointment with them. Every teacher and coach has a conference period. Use it! Not only are you embarrassing yourself, but your own child as well. There are 11 spots on the field and 40 boys to fill them. Every parent wants their child on the field 100 percent of the time. Do the math, it can’t happen. Our coach’s job is to win football games. They want to win more than you want them too, that’s what they get paid for.

Our coaches spend endless hours working. They are at school before our kids get there, they teach classes, and then stay until after our kids go home. Some nights that is as late as 7:30 for our boys. Who knows what time coaches get home. Then weeknights and weekends they pour over film of the game we played the previous week and study film of the next opponent.

There is no way they get paid for weekend and nights. This isn’t the NFL. Our boys are going to make mistakes. Friday night’s game was cold and wet. You sat in the stands all bundled up with protection from the misting rain, screaming at the players because the wet ball slipped out of their wet, freezing hands. If you can’t be positive and say something nice, keep your mouth shut!

Pam Hoff

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