Petrolia suffers first loss of season to Windthorst, gets by AC

Petrolia's Bodie Cokendolpher rounds the corner behind blocker Jacob Dove Friday night.

Petrolia’s Bodie Cokendolpher rounds the corner behind blocker Jacob Dove Friday night.

Petrolia edged Archer City by 13-12 a week ago Friday, extending the Pirates strongest start in almost a decade. This week, the Pirates knew they had a big task ahead if they wanted to remain undefeated.

Petrolia hosted Windthorst, and suffered a 17-6 loss.

Petrolia held the Trojans through most of the first half, including a goal-line stand in the second quarter that forced Windthorst to attempt a field goal. The 26-yard kick was good and, with 6:43 remaining in the half, the Trojans took a 3-0 lead.

The Trojans found the end zone twice in the second half. In the third quarter, both times on three-yard runs. Kaleb Greshman found pay dirt in the third quarter, and Chandler King scored in the fourth, giving Windthorst a 17-0 lead.

Petrolia found the end zone late in the fourth quarter when quarterback Dustin Hanusch connected with Tanner Welch on a 19-yard pass play. The two-point conversion attempt failed.

Petrolia finished with a mere 77 yards rushing on 21 carries, and connected five of 13 pass attempts for 78 yards. Bandy Mataska led the ground game with six carries for 30 yards. Welch led the team in receptions, taking three Hanusch passes for a total of 70 yards.

In Archer City, Mataska carried Petrolia to an early 6-0 lead on an 11-yard touchdown run in the first quarter. Archer City quickly evened up with a 15-yard run from Cole Havens.

The Wildcats pulled ahead in the second quarter on a nine-yard strike from Havens, giving Archer City a 12-6 lead through the third quarter.

Petrolia even up in the fourth quarter when Hanusch found receiver Ryan Harrison on a 38-yard pass play. With 5:30 remaining, Dane Williams connected on the extra-point kick to give the Pirates their third-straight win.

Petrolia accumulated 167 yards rushing on 34 carries and completed six of nine passes and one interception for 45 yards. Mataska led the Petrolia in rushing with 91 yards on 18 carries, followed by Hanusch with 27 yards on seven carries.


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