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Floats garner top awards during heavily attended Saturday parade


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With one of the largest crowds in recent memory on hand, Clay County put on what has grown into the fourth largest parade in the state Saturday morning — the last of two float parades held during the 82nd Pioneer Reunion and Rodeo.

While rains Friday morning might have put a damper on attendance, parade goers were out in force Saturday, sitting kneeling and standing six deep throughout downtown Henrietta.

During Saturday’s festivities, winners of the annual float building competitions were announced.

The Sophomore and junior classes at Henrietta High School gave parade watchers a treat, earning the overall school title and awards for special effects, while float builders in the Parade Partners division again outdid themselves. Added in the mix were a number of small-scale floats entered into the Henrietta Kiwanis Club’s annual Kiddie Parade.

Parade Partners

“Wheels on the Bus,” designed and built by June Trent and crew and sponsored by Waurika Livestock Commission, earned the President’s Award in the Parade Partners division.

“My Little Playmate,” sponsored by the Holman family and constructed by Marvin and Dillon Bigbie, and Amy Crawford and crew, earned the Pioneer Award. Riding on the float were the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Bobbie and the late Bill Holman of Henrietta.

“How Much is that Doggie in the Window?” won the Queen’s Award. The float, sponsored by the First National Bank of Byers, was constructed by Randy and Sharlene Offield and crew, and driven by Marvin Bigbie.

Spirit Division

The First Baptist Church of Henrietta won the overall Parade Spirit Award with a float entitled “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” The float was constructed by June and Leroy Griffin and driven by Rick Hanson. Riding on the float were Larry Williams, Cannon Cody, Jacob Story, Ryan Vicars, Dakota Walker, Cameron Belcher, Kolt Bennett and Bodie Vicars. The float also won the category theme and costume awards.


The sophomore class of Henrietta High School won the overall school title with a float entitled Mickey Mouse March. The float also won first place among all Henrietta High School classes. Riding the float were class favorites Callie Page and Logan Carter.

The overall school trophy is sponsored by Tony and Cindy Dean of Henrietta.

Henrietta’s junior class took second place, as well as the overall special effects award with “A Whole New World.” Class favorites are Kambridge Booher and Austin Broussard.

The freshman class placed third among Henrietta floats with “Frosty the Snowman.” class favorites are Caedran Nelson and Ben McCreary.

Henrietta’s seniors finished fourth with “Pop Goes the Weasel,” featuring class favorites Courtney Pruett and Aaron Whitehead.

Bellevue’s sophomores took first place in the intramural float competition with “Bringing Home My Baby Bumblebee.” class favorites are Devon Cassetty and Kaden Ogle.

The freshman class of Bellevue placed second with “50 Nifty United States.” Ally Corwin and Layne Morris are class favorites.

Third place went to “The Muffin Man” by the Bellevue junior class. Class favorites are Tori Woods and Colin Kollman.

The Bellevue seniors earned fourth place with “Rock-a-Bye Baby.” Class favorites are Amy Cambry and Bryson Booker.

Midway’s sophomore students won first place among their schoolmates with “Candy Tree. Class favorites are Rachel Bell and Gilbert Olivarez.

The Midway senior class placed second with “All Stars from Shrek.” Class favorites are Cassidy Mass and Jared Campsey.

The freshman class placed third with “Itsy-Bitsy Spider.” Class favorites are Wanda Hilbers and Austin Van Pelt.

The senior class of Midway placed fourth with “Home on the Range.” Class favorites are Erin Armstrong and Rowdy Terry.

Among the classes of Petrolia High School, the seniors took first place with “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Class favorites are Dessie Elledge and Dustin Hanusch.

The sophomore class finished in second with “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Class favorites are Brittney Ablia and Jonathan Baker.

Third place went to the Petrolia freshmen with “10 Little Indians.” Class favorites are Tessa Berend and Oscar Morales.

Petrolia’s juniors took fourth with “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” Class favorites are Abby Armour and Dalton Aaron.

Kiwanis Kiddie Parade

Jackson Wynn Johnson, 3, won fist place in the non-motorized division, riding a “Purple People Eater” through the parade with father Joshua Johnson providing manpower.

Ellee Hill placed second with “Frosty the Snowman.” She was accompanied by father Russell Hill and mother Kelly Hill.”

Jaycee Moss, 3, and Tanner Pullen, 2, took first place in the pedestrian division with their float entitled “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.”

In the motorized division, Kaylie, 8, Warren, 6, Hunter, 4, Andy, 7, Brayden, 5, and Colton, 6, won first place with a covered wagon. Their uncle, Bubba Miller, accompanied them.


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