When it rains, it pours: ‘Cats can’t dam Bowie scoring

Henrietta Quarterback Conner Fletcher scrambles to escape a trio of Bowie defenders in the backfield Friday night.

Henrietta Quarterback Conner Fletcher scrambles to escape a trio of Bowie defenders in the backfield Friday night.

When it rains, it pours. That was the case Friday night in Bowie as Henrietta’s defense was overcome by a wave of Jackrabbit offense, 36-10.

A light shower fell through much of the game as Henrietta struggled with a well-balanced offensive effort from Bowie. The Jackrabbits finished with 122 yards passing and 190 yards rushing. Garland McCoy completed 11 of 15 pass attempts, spread out among three Jackrabbit receivers.

All five Bowie touchdowns came on the ground as the Jackrabbits averaged four yards per carry on 43 runs.

Bowie took a 15-7 lead in the first quarter, striking first on an eight-yard run by Carter Shackleford and a two-point conversion from Jay Ward. Bowie scored again with 6:28 left in the quarter on a six-yard run from Shackelford.

Dustin Calabrese put the Bearcats on the board when, with Bowie pinned deep in its own territory, he took a Jackrabbit punt five yards into the end zone. Jameson Dowell kicked the extra point.

The Jackrabbits added two touchdowns in the second quarter. Garland McCoy scored on a 15-yard quarterback keeper, and Ward struck pay dirt on a 40-yard punt return.

In the first four minutes of the second half, Henrietta took possession of the ball and drove to within 20 yards of the end zone before a pair of miscues drove the Bearcats back. Jameson Dowell capped the drive with a 32-yard field goal.

Less than three minutes later, Bowie again found the end zone on a two-yard strike from McCoy.

Bowie limited the Bearcats to five first downs. Henrietta averaged two yards per carry, rushing 31 times for 71 yards. Cody Fletcher led the team’s ground attack with 14 carries for 51 yards.

The Bearcats completed six of 12 passes for 22 yards and an interception. Conner Fletcher took most of the snaps, going five for nine from the pocket. Riley Watson competed one of three pass attempts for an eight-yard gain. Myles Marchman led all receivers with one catch for 14 yards, while Aaron Whitehead had two catches for six yards.


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