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Scouts receive merit badges, advance in ranks during Court of Honor

Members of Boy Scout Troop 91 ware awarded merit badges and advancements in rank during Tuesday's Court of Honor ceremony.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 91 ware awarded merit badges and advancements in rank during Tuesday’s Court of Honor ceremony.

Since Nov. 15 of last year, 38 members of Boy Scout Troop 91 advanced in rank, 95 merit badges and two Eagle Palms were earned. The Henrietta scouts received the awards during a Court of Honor ceremony Tuesday night at the First Baptist Church fellowship hall.

Luke Brock, who earned the rank of Eagle Scout in December, was awarded bronze and gold palms. Palms are awards earned by Eagle Scouts for remaining active in the Troop and earning additional merit badges after attaining the rank. A palm can be earned every three months and with the addition of five merit badges. To earn palms, Eagle Scouts must also take part in a scoutmaster conference and complete a board of review.

Eagle Scouts Myles Marchman and Lee McDaniel were in attendance both earned the rank Aug. 1. McDaniel earned merit badges for chess and photography.

Others advancing in rank are Tyler Aaron, First Class; Kenny Bender, Second Class, Garrett Brown, Star; Corbin Cody, Star; Diego Compean, Star; Garrett Duncan, Star; Mark Gill, Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class; Cole Gilmore, Scout, Tenderfoot; Holice Holbert, Scout, Tenderfoot; Skylar Jacobson, Star; Mason Knight, Scout, Tenderfoot; Logan Lemond, Scout, Tenderfoot; Mason Marchman, First Class; Adam Moore, Life; Wilson Moore, First Class; Caleb Obermier, Scout, Tenderfoot; Joshua Poling, Life; Dalton Rushing, Scout, Tenderfoot; Jacob Saldana, Scout, Tenderfoot; Tate Sizemore, First Class; Robby Story, Scout, Tenderfoot; Travis Swenson, Second Class; Dylan Villanueva, First Class; Matthew Watson, Star; and Todd Yurcho, First Class.

Scouts earning merit badges are Tyler Aaron, environmental science, fishing, wood carving; Kenny Bender, Citizenship in the Nation, emergency preparation, forestry, reptile and amphibian study; Garrett Brown, animal science, Citizenship in the Nation, communication, fish and wildlife management, fishing, fly fishing, golf, Indian lore, pets, pioneering, wood carving; Logan Carter, climbing, personal fitness; Corbin Cody, animal science, Citizenship in the Nation, communication, fish and wildlife management, golf, Indian lore, pioneering, woodcarving; Diego Compean, bird study, canoeing, communication, emergency preparation, fish and wildlife management, leatherwork; Garrett Duncan, emergency preparation, fish and wildlife management, fishing, nature, reptile and amphibian study; Chance Edgett, personal fitness; Tejas Edwards, personal fitness; Mark Gill, Citizneship in the Nation, emergency preparation, leatherwork, swimming; Skylar Jacobson, Citizenship in the World, communications, lifesaving, pioneering, rowing; Mason Knight, first aid, fishing, leatherwork, swimming; Logan Lemond, emergency preparation, first aid, leatherwork, swimming; Mason Marchman, canoeing, Citizenship in the Nation, lifesaving; Lee McDaniel, chess, photography; Adam Moore, archery, basketry, chemistry, communications, fishing, rowing, wood carving; Wilson Moore, Citizenship in the Nation, emergency preparation, environmental science, weather, wood carving; Caleb Obermier, first aid, fishing, leatherwork, wood carving; Joshua Poling, Citizenship in the Nation; Tate Sizemore, emergency preparation, environmental science, wood caring; Travis Swenson, canoeing, emergency preparation, rowing, wood carving; Matthew Watson, canoeing, chemistry, chess, rowing, wood carving; Ethan Williams, personal management, personal fitness; and Todd Yurcho, Citizenship in the Nation, wood carving.

Current leadership positions within Troop 91 are Luke Brock, senior assistant scoutmaster; Adam Moore, senior patrol leader; Garrett Brown, assistant senior patrol leader; Connor Duncan, patrol leader; Tate Sizemore, patrol leader; Tejas Edwards, assistant patrol leader; Logan Crater, assistant patrol leader; Corbin Cody, chaplain; Diego Compean, historian; Robby Story, librarian; Mason Marchman, quartermaster; Chance Edgett, troop guide; and Matthew Watson, scribe.


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