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Family drives up on mobile meth lab


Dear Editor:

I address this to all my rural friends, neighbors and family. This past weekend, my husband and son drove up on people with a Nazi meth lab. They were cooking it right at the entrance to where we live, on a public road and in broad daylight. They slammed the hood, leaving a horrible stench in their wake. When they took off from our road, the man was driving and most assuredly would have rammed my husband’s truck if he needed to escape.

When the vehicle was stopped on FM 1954 at the store, the female was driving and apprehended. After questioning she admitted that the man with her had been dropped off and picked up by his father. Within these few miles, the drugs were discarded and the guy picked up. That, folks, means that this is a local man.  It also means that the drugs could have been discarded in your pasture, driveway, abandoned building or barn. Your kids could have access to these chemicals. Chemicals so toxic that they used a hazmat suit and gloves to cook this stuff.

How safe are our kids riding in their own pastures, driving ATVs in their own recreational areas and driving down the back roads? We need to take back our country, drive the meth heads out and let them know we will no longer tolerate this demon within our society. Be aware. If you smell a strong stench, call it in.  When someone is parked by your road, check it out or call it in.

Our elementary school children should not have to be aware of how meth is cooked at this time in their lives. They will lose their innocence soon enough. What happens when you or someone you love stops to help someone and interrupts the manufacture of meth?  Do you want to find out the hard way?

We have the right to bear arms, and believe me we will. We have the right to live in a peaceful society and a right to raise our children in a Godly society free from the demons that drugs are reaping on our lives.

Be aware of what is going on in your area and prepare accordingly.


Retta Collins
Lake Arrowhead

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