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Her father’s footsteps: Henrietta girl comes home to build medical practice

Dr. Lexi Mitchell Sanchez, with her father, Dr. Michael Mitchell, at the CCMH Clinic.

Dr. Lexi Mitchell Sanchez, with her father, Dr. Michael Mitchell, at the CCMH Clinic.

By Kathy Floyd

Pioneer Sentinel

When Lexi Mitchell would run through the halls of her dad’s medical office as a child, the last thing either of them thought was that one day, she would be a physician with her own office. But little Lexi grew up, went off to college and decided to become a doctor.

She will begin her practice at the Clay County Memorial Hospital Family Practice Clinic Monday, Aug. 19.

“I never had the foggiest idea of her being a physician, much less her coming home to practice,” said Lexi’s dad, Henrietta physician Dr. Michael Mitchell. He and Lexi’s mother, Sunny, had

resigned themselves to the notion that holidays or other special events would be the only times Lexi would come home.

Lexi didn’t think she would come back home either. She though she would make her life in the big city. After graduating from Henrietta High School in 2000, she left for the University of Texas at Austin and majored in human biology. There she met her future husband, Francisco Sanchez, a small-town boy himself from Comanche, near Stephenville, Texas. Lexi graduated from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Iowa then completed her residency in Family Medicine at the Christus Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program in San Antonio.

Lexi and Sanchez were married in 2009, and last year had a son, Benjamin. With a child to raise, a big-city life didn’t seem as appealing. “Having a child changes your perspective,” Lexi said.

The couple looked at several other towns before deciding on Henrietta, but Lexi said that officials at Clay County Memorial Hospital offered her a good position, and another important factor was that her mom and dad had been happy here, and an active part of the community.

“We can be part of a community where you know who your patients are,” Lexi said. “In the larger areas, you’re not a part of their lives. You don’t know them. And physicians are needed here just as much as in the larger areas. We can make a bigger difference here.” Mitchell said that both Lexi and her husband will be assets to the community. “All rural America is having problems and when we can get new pioneers to replace our aging ones, that’s good.”

As a father, Mitchell is ecstatic that his daughter, her husband and baby have come home to Henrietta, but he is also glad as a physician that Henrietta will have another doctor. Even though the town is losing a physician with Dr. Robert Parkey’s transition to full time at Hospice of Wichita Falls, the small town will be gaining a doctor with Lexi. “That just usually doesn’t happen,” Mitchell said. Mitchell did say it might be interesting sitting across from his daughter at medical staff meetings.

And one day, Benjamin may be running through the halls of both his mom’s and his grandpa’s offices.

“Kind of funny, the way things go with time,” Mitchell said.

Call (940) 235-3403 for information or to schedule appointments. The CCMH Clinic is located at 410 W. South St., Henrietta.


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