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Obama propagates culture of corruption


Dear Editor:

Following the gun bill defeat, Obama, exploiting the Sandy Hook tragedy, said, “This was a pretty shameful day for Washington.” That was a great day in Washington. The Constitution was upheld.

Obama’s administration cost American lives in Benghazi and orchestrated a coverup. Secretary Clinton said, “What difference does it make?” The administration tried to blunt the IRS scandal targeting conservative groups by claiming “progressive” was also a trigger word for the IRS; that failed.

Obama’s administration fosters a culture condoning the attack on the Associated Press, Fox’s Rosen, and even Rosen’s parents. Holder approved the search warrant affidavit that was a lie. Holder lied – either to congress or the federal judge to whom the affidavit was addressed.

Obama’s EPA has released personal information about farmers and ranchers to EPA’s tree hugger friends. The traitor Snowden of NSA is holed up in Russia while foreign officials snub Obama who is too busy on his $100 million jaunt to intervene. Obama indicates it’s beneath him.

Consider Obama’s minions – at Justice (Holder) – at State (Clinton) – the IRS – all typical Sergeant Schultz characters who “know nothing.” Obama claims he did not know either. It’s the Chicago way. It’s a Culture of Corruption.

Susan Rice was sent out to lie about Benghazi; Schulman and Miller about the IRS; and Holder from Justice. Obama put a disgraced IRS flunky in charge of enforcing Obamacare. Rice is now Obama’s National Security Advisor, no longer subject to inquiry about who put her up to the lies. They are either all crooks, liars or total incompetents. Obama has created a culture that demonstrates to the bureaucrats that dishonesty is fine as long as it is directed at the other side, this is undoubtedly a Culture of Corruption.

While Obama tramples the Constitution, the liberal mainstream media refers to him as a constitutional scholar. What a joke. Obama surrendered his law license years ago and cannot practice law. See: (http://www.iardc.org/). Obama is no constitutional scholar; he is not even a lawyer. He refuses to defend duly enacted laws he disagrees with, he refuses to protect our foreign-based diplomats, and he refuses to protect our borders. He refuses to reign in the rampant IRS. He refuses to apprehend traitor Snowden, whom Obama calls a mere “hacker.” Obama’s oath of office says,  “I will… preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Obama could care less.

If Lady Justice peeks under her blindfold and sees Holder’s conduct and hears his lying, surely her mighty sword will carve Holder’s Justice down to size. She will not condone the ignorance, lies, ineptness and the prevailing Culture of Corruption. The justice system requires expects and truth from its officers and those under oath. Holder is an officer of the court and was under oath when he lied either to congress or to the judge or both. Obama condones it. Undoubtedly Lady Justice is ashamed.

There is a Culture of Corruption in Washington. The USA should rid itself of the narcissist, feckless, president. It’s time for “We the People” to rise up. God Bless America! Forgive us our misguided electorate. End this Culture of Corruption.

Frank J. Douthitt
Henrietta, Texas

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