Clay County 4-H Horse Team earns top spot in district show

Representing Clay County in the district 4-H horse show were (front) Marty Hand, Daniel Wimberley, Kalico Burkes, Kelsie Whalen, Kasey Taylor, Kat Hand, Rexa Hand, County Agent Missy Hogin, (back) Josey Cleveland, Skee Burkes, Katie Jo Blanscet, Braiden Obermier, Tanner Hampton, (not pictured) Hadley Gee, Marley Tate and Mikayla Graham.

Representing Clay County in the district 4-H horse show were (front) Marty Hand, Daniel Wimberley, Kalico Burkes, Kelsie Whalen, Kasey Taylor, Kat Hand, Rexa Hand, County Agent Missy Hogin, (back) Josey Cleveland, Skee Burkes, Katie Jo Blanscet, Braiden Obermier, Tanner Hampton, (not pictured) Hadley Gee, Marley Tate and Mikayla Graham.

Members of the Clay County 4-H Horse Club earned High Point County at the 2013 Rolling Plains District 3 4-H Horse Show, outscoring all other teams in the 24-county district.

Approximately 150 youth competed in the four-day show, held at the Wilbarger County Events Center in Vernon June 19-22.

Katie Jo Blanscet was named All Around Speed Event Champion by placing second in pole bending, second in the stakes race and sixth in barrel racing. Kat Hand placed first in pole bending, fifth in barrel racing and sixth in the stakes race.

In the cutting competition, Josey Cleveland placed third, Skee Burkes placed fourth, Marley Tate placed fifth and Kelsie Whalen placed sixth.

In working cow horse, Mikayla Graham placed fourth.

Skee Burkes earned first place in reigning, followed by Kalico Burkes in fifth place. Skee Burkes also placed fifth in the stock horse trail class and sixth in stock horse pleasure.

In team penning, Braiden Obermier, Skee Burkes and Katie Jo Blanscet placed earned first place, while Daniel Wimberley, Kalico Burkes and Kasey Taylor finished ninth.

In the roping division, Marty Hand placed sixth in breakaway and second in tie down.

In the trail class, Josey Cleveland placed second and Kalico Burkes placed sixth.

Kalico Burkes also placed first in western riding and first in halter mares age 5 and older. Josey Cleveland placed first in halter mares age 4 and younger. Cleveland also earned reserve champion in the halter mare class.

Other Clay County 4-Hers competing were Hadley Gee, Tanner Hampton and Rexa Hand.

The State 4-H Horse Show will be held in Abilene the week of July 21-27.


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