Texas Commission on the Arts storyteller to perform at Grace Care Center


Edwards Public Library will present Texas Commission on the Arts performer Gwen Caldwell at Grace Care Center, 807 W. Bois D’Arc St., Henrietta, at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, June 27.

As the library had already booked all its performers for the Summer Reading Program, the Edwards Public Library decided to share storyteller Gwen Caldwell with the residents of Grace Care Center and the residents of Clay County.

Once upon a time, Gwen Caldwell sat atop a rooftop garden in a quaint village surrounded by the Swiss Alps. The evening sky sparkled with a million stars and she became enchanted by the power of story as she heard a storyteller spin tales for adult listeners. A short time later Gwen began an exciting journey of discovery as she explored the art of storytelling for herself.

Since that time, Gwen has continued to polish her skills and develop a repertoire of folk tales, legends, inspirational stories and personal tales. She has enjoyed sharing these stories with groups of all ages at schools, churches, bookstores, conferences, dinner parties and retreats throughout the country.

In 1992, Gwen founded the Richardson-Plano Storytelling Guild, now known as the North Forty Storytellers, an affiliate of the Tejas Storytelling Association. She presented on stage at several Tejas Storytelling Festivals, has been featured at corporate programs and educational leadership workshops. Gwen has also participated in the School for Sacred Storytelling. She has been selected as a Touring Artist of the Texas Commission on the Arts.

All are invited to join the fun. For more information call the Edwards Public Library (940) 538-4791.


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