W.F Health Dept. provides testing of well water for human use

By Missy Hodgin
A&M AgriLife Extension Agent

I have received some questions lately about water well testing, such as How to test, where to send the sample, what to test for and what do the results mean?  The Soil, Water and Forage Testing Laboratory through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will only test water for livestock or irrigation purposes.  They do no test water for human consumption.  Locally, water wells used for human drinking water can be tested through the Wichita Falls Health Department.

TAMAgVCmgWater testing is performed Monday through Thursday; samples must be received prior to 3 p.m.  The laboratory provides free sterile and buffered collection bottles.  These are the only containers in which samples will be accepted.  The fee for Total Coliform and Private Water Well Samples is $15 per sample.  More information can be found on their website at http://www.WichitaFallstx.gov.

Private wells do not serve public water systems and are therefore largely unregulated.  For domestic water well owners there are no federal or state requirements for monitoring drinking water quality as these are for public water supply systems.  Likewise, there are no “right to know” reports informing well owners of the quality of their drinking water and no requirements for treatment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set two categories of standards for public drinking water – primary standards and secondary standards.  Primary standards are set for contaminants that when consumed can harm human health.  Secondary standards regulate contaminants that are a nuisance but do not harm human health, such as those that cause offensive taste, odor, corrosion, foaming or staining.  While these standards are for public water supplies, we can use them to compare our private water well tests.

The most common problem associated with ground water may by hardness, generally associated with an abundance of calcium and/or magnesium dissolved in the water.  Hard water has not been shown to cause health problems but can be a nuisance as it may cause soap curds and deposits to form on pipes and other plumbing fixtures.  Over time, this can reduce the diameter of pipes.  People with heart or circulatory problems may want to consult their physician before drinking softened water, because the softening process removes calcium and magnesium and adds sodium to the water.  There is no EPA drinking water standards set for calcium or magnesium; they are included in TDS.

A “rusty” or metallic taste in water is a result of iron, and sometimes manganese, in ground water.  They may not only create a bad taste, but they also can stain pipes and clothing.  Iron and manganese are naturally occurring, and most ground water has some amount of dissolved iron and manganese in it.  The secondary standard for iron is 0.3 ppm.

Most nitrogen in ground water comes from the atmosphere.  Some plants can “attach” nitrogen from the atmosphere onto their roots.  The nitrogen not used by plants is then released into the soil.  Nitrogen compounds also can work their way into ground water through fertilizers, manure and urine from farm animals, sewage and landfills.  The most common forms in groundwater are ammonia, nitrate and nitrite.  Nitrates can be especially toxic to children under six months of age.

Sulfur can occur in groundwater in two forms: sulfides and sulfates.  Sulfates often come from the dissolving of minerals, such as gypsum and anhydrite.  A “rotten egg” smell coming from your water indicates the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas.  Along with creating an unpleasant odor and taste, sulfides cause corrosion to plumbing and darkened water.  Sulfur in an amount greater than 250 ppm can cause diarrhea.

Total dissolved solids are the concentration of all dissolved minerals in water.  It is the direct measurement of the interaction between minerals and ground water.  TDS levels above 1,000 mg/L will usually yield poor tasting water.  Levels above 2,000 mg/L are considered undrinkable due to taste, and levels more than 10,000 mg/L are defined as undrinkable.  The EPA secondary drinking water standard is 500 ppm.

Sodium is dissolved from rock, salts and soil.  It is also found in oil-field brine, sea water, industrial brine and reclaimed effluent water, etc.  Moderate amounts of sodium have little effect on the usefulness of water; however, persons on low sodium diets should consult their physician for levels above 20 ppm. The Secondary Water Standard is also 20 ppm.

Other water analysis parameters include pH and Conductivity.  Water with high acidity may dissolve iron from pumping facilities and mains and produce a “red water” problem.  The EPA secondary drinking water standards for pH are 6.5 to 8.5.  Conductivity is an indicator of salinity.  High conductivity is an indication of TDS.  This value should only be used as an initial screening parameter.  Other individual characteristics should be evaluated when conductivity levels are high.  A current limit is not established for domestic water.  Concern over soil salinity is greatest when irrigating with water high in salts, where soils are poorly drained and allow for excessive surface evaporation, or where soils are naturally high in salts due to limited leaching and shallow water tables.  As soluble salt levels increase, plant utilization of soil water often declines.

For a complete list of water quality parameters or for more information about water testing, contact the A&M AgriLife Extension office of Clay County at (940) 538-5042.


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  133. Hi Saee! Love the post – so many memories! I tried baking this biscotti yesterday but for some reason the parts in the centre of all my pieces were left uncooked/baked. I don’t know why that happened even though I left the dough in the oven for a fair amount of time before and after slicing [as per your recipe].Any idea on why it could have remained uncooked? Will try and change it next time around. Many thanks!

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  145. me parecio muy ingeniosa la idea de neruda al ponerle ese nombre aunque igual parece chistoso por como el interpreto a sebastian collado ,creo que neruda igual fue generoso al terminar ese proyecto y cumplir nu sueño propio y tambien el de sebastian…

  146. I can tell you for sure that not all Christians believe we should be vegetarian. Her story is actually the first I've heard citing the bible in their reasoning to go meat-less. And I agree with you…I enjoy my meat too much to give it up! 😉

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  148. im pretty sick of wondering about Howard, can we just forget about it, if we can get him for Bynum great, if not, lets move on, we’ll survive. The Magic dont know what their doing and Howard cant make his mind up so why speculate?And whats with all the Lebron praise?? What sort of Laker fans are you! We all know he’s the best player in the league but no need to kiss his ass

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  155. Awww. So cute! Thanks for being a kindhearted gardener and not including this little one in the 85% category. I too enjoy these little fellows. Having just moved to the hill country, I was delighted when a wild bunny slightly larger than yours, popped out of my flowerbed recently.

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  157. So, how do you keep those helpful cats from diving head-first into that nice potpourri? I’d love to have plants, potpourri and lit candles in my house, but Elvis has basically nixed any of the above (not to mention window blinds, which I’m sure will have to be replaced sooner or later)!Aside from all that, LOVELY job, Maddie!Elaine from UUCC

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  160. This sounds delicious. Thank you for the warning on the baking time. I agree that it probably has to do with the amount of moisture in the zucchini, but I will be sure to keep my eye on it while baking. Have a beautiful day! Thank you for sharing!

  161. This team is loaded. Georgia is going to easily win the east. Florida and Tennessee play tougher SEC schedules, and I don’t think South Carolina can go without losing 2-3 games. I think the Dawgs head to Atlanta with either 1 loss or undefeated. Georgia will be BCS bound this year.

  162. I… I must do this. I very desperately *hate* the light fixture I have in my room, and I was just thinking of ways I could change it up, but this is perfect. My room is Asian-themed, so I may have to think of something else to glue to the planter (I’ll possibly invent in some rice paper and paint nice, meaningful Kanji on it).