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Midway honor rolls announced


Midway ISD has announced “A” honor roll and “A-B” honor roll for the fourth six weeks of the 2012-13 school year.  

‘A’ Honor Roll

First grade — Gracie Barker, Taegan Cook, Hoss McClelland and Cason Richey.

Second grade — Christian Coker, Dawson Estes, Dayton Leach and Kamryn Wyatt.

Third grade — Bodee Franke and Payton Looney.

Fourth grade — Holton Leach.

Fifth grade — Makana Norton.

Sixth grade — Korri Franke, Halie Richey and Kyler Wyatt.

Eighth grade — Austin Van Pelt.

Eleventh grade — Irene Farina Budino.

Twelfth grade — Ben Forester.

‘A-B’ Honor Roll

First grade — Gaige Graham and Tristen Talley.

Second grade — Gage Carson, J. Davis and Addison Kinsey.

Third grade — Layten Graham and Ashley Riddle.

Fourth grade — Jordan Davis and Kiley Smith.

Fifth grade — Hailey Talley.

Sixth grade — Keely Browning.

Seventh grade — Sarah Campbell, Kaitlyn, Bryce Forester and Ethan Franke.

Eighth grade — Cole Thorn.

Ninth grade — Mikayla Graham, Chance Horn, James Kinsey, Adam Schobert and Ashleigh Thomas.

Tenth grade — Ashley Spearman, Rowdy Terry and Austin Thorn.

Eleventh grade — Logan Harper and Cassidy Mass.

Twelfth grade — Kelli Forester, Brent Jones, Racheal Keener, Breanna Merkel and Brody Wilson.


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