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Midway PTA honor ‘Reflections’ participants

Midway PTA honored participants in the Reflections program with an awards banquet.

Midway PTA honored participants in the Reflections program with an awards banquet.

Midway PTA held its annual Reflections Banquet recently to celebrate student works entered in the contest. Awards for photography, literature, visual arts, music, and choreography were given to students who placed in the contest.

Winners at the local level advanced to state. Each discipline is divided into four categories by grade level: Primary, Kindergarten through second grade; intermediate, grades 3-5; middle, grades 6-8; and senior, grades 9-12.

School results are as follows:


  • Primary — First, Hunter Bolton; second, Hoss McClelland; third, Taegan Cook
  • Intermedediate — First, Holton Leach; second, Layten Graham; third, Bodee Franke
  • Middle —First, Rooster McClelland; second, Kyler Wyatt; third, Keeley Browning
  • Senior —First, Ashleigh Thomas


  • Primary —First, Blake Moore; second, Dawson Estes; third, Tristen Talley
  • Intermediate — First, Bodee Franke; second, Hailey Talley; third, Bodee Franke
  • Middle —First, Ethan Franke; second, Britney Crye; third, Korri franke
  • Senior — First, Austin Thorn

Musical Composition

  • Intermediate — First, Allyson Laude

Film Production

  • Middle — First, Korri Franke

Visual Arts

  • Primary — First, Christia Coker; second, Dayton Leach; third, Allison Marshall
  • Intermediate — First, Holton Leach; second, Payton Looney; third, Layten Graham
  • Middle — First, Bryce Forester; second, Keeley Browning; third, Rooster McClelland
  • Senior — First, Aaron Uselton; second, Adam Schober; third, Austin Thorn

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