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January deeds recored


The following deeds were recorded in the Clay County Clerk’s Office in the month of January 2013.

Mary E. Taylor to Rod Waldrop et ux, east one-half Lot 9, Block 12, Original Town of Henrietta.

Minton Seymore et ux to David R. Hall, Lot 6, Block 5, Section 6, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Joe Ben Patrick et al to Bryce Freeman Tucker, Block 82, Byers Bros. Sub.

Diamond AKG Ranch, Ltd., to Ann K. Gunn, 3.891 acres, Charles F. Stanley Survey, A-407.

Terrill J. Horton et al to Don Stark et al, 2,926.915 acres, Blocks 47, 48, 49, 52, 53, 54, 55, 59, 60, 61, 66, 67, 68, 73, and parts of blocks 56, 62, 63, 69, 74, 75, 76, 80, 81, Marion County School Land Survey, A-308.

David Waggoner to Paul E. Landus et ux, Lot 5 and north 21 feet of Lot 6, Block 5, Railroad Add., Henrietta.

Virgil L. Swirczynski et ux to John V. Swirczynski, 79 acres, Samuel M. Herron Survey, A-199.

Terry J. Horton et ux to TJH Family Limited Partnership, J.E. Gilcreest Survey Tract 1 et al.

Estate of Mack H. Woolridge et al to Cherokee Legacy Minerals, Ltd., et al, 130 acres, Texas Immigration and Land Co., A-600 et al.

Dennis Hurst to Tommy C. Cates et al, Lots 1-6, Block 5, Original Town of Charlie.

Ross Denton Cantrell to Kim Cantrell, 51.33 acres, Texas Immigration and Land Co., A-650.

Raymond Eugene Franklin et al to Randy Franklin et ux, 122.47 acres, A83, Ambrose Crain Survey, et al

Kevin Anderson Bumgarner, et al to Jacob W. Todd, et al, Lot 21, Block 1, Section 6, Arrowhead Ranch Estates

Estate of Robert John Whitener to Scott Damon Whitener, 1.07 acres, Lot 1, Block 1, Whitener Addition, William Spavin Survey, A-422.

Randall Bowles et ux to Jennifer L. Schindler, Howeth and Lots 7 and 8, Block 10, Eldridge Addition.

Karen Davis to Lacy Renee Hicks, Lot 2, Block 8, Original Town of Newport.

Robert Klement et ux to Scott Klement et al, 40 acres, D. Nuner Survey, A-366.

Curtis Jennings et ux to Jennings Family Trust, 713 acres, Lofton Vess Survey, A-318 et al.

Luther J. Moore et ux to Two J’s Properties, LLC, Lots 1-3, Block 46, Howeth and Eldridge Addition, Lots 7-8, Block 2, Railroad Addition.

Kevin L. Wagner et ux to Raslie Littlejohn, Lots 11-12, Block 5, Barrett’s Addition.

GMAC Mortgage, LLC, to Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, 5.217 acres, J.G. Eustis Survey.

Lillian Gossett Priddy to John C Gossett et al, 5.4 acres, Block 2, J. Diaz Survey.

Betty Lee Graves Ballard to Quentin Lee Ballard et al, 31.125 acres, Tract 1, R.W. Tyree Survey et al.

Valerie Armstrong to Phillip Armstrong, Lots 1-5, Block 78, Petrolia Subdivision.

Matthew Scott Sternadel to Dustin D. Daugherty, .75 acres, C.F. Stanley Survey, A-407.

John C. Neal et ux to Bank of America, Lot 20-E, Block 3, Section 7, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Capital Farm Credit FLCA to Sean Ashley et ux, 60 acres, Block 29, Madison County School Land Survey.

Kim Creach Guinn to Kenneth Wayne Guinn, .93 acres, Lot 53, Block 2, Clark and Plumb Subdivision.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Paule Baker et al, 1.05 acres, Block 40, Specht-McCutchen Subdivision.

Gail Mueller et al to Billy Bob Browning, 70 acres, Block 29, Hopkins County School Land.

Kaye Yeager Robitaille to William Charles Yeager, Lots 3-6, Block 8, Railroad Addition.

Daniel K. Anderson et al to Glenn Isaacs et ux, 1 acre, Tract 1, Block 23, Specht-McCutchen Subdivision et al.

Terrie Snyder to Richard W. Schreiber, Samuel Davidson Subdivision, Tract 1, Block 8, Bosque County School Land, A-10.

Ronald Reeves to Anthony Ryan Hager et ux, Block 40, Specht-McCutchen Subdivision, Bartholomew Gates, A-805.

Chelsey Renee Berend Price to Shawn Marvin Price, Lot 40, Bock 2, Clark and Plumb Subdivision.


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