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Visitors impressed with youth involved in junior livestock show


Dear Editor:

My wife and I  were down last week end for your Livestock Show and Sale.  We are very impressed with the youth of your town and the way they were taking care of their projects, but more than that I observed several times older students helping with younger students with  their animals.

They were showing them what the judge would be looking for in their animal, helping get the animal ready for the show ring, and building confidence for the showmen as they were ready to enter the showring.  It takes a special town with special parents teaching their kids to see this kind of attitudes reflected nowdays.

We also were able Saturday to make it to the chili supper again.  It was unbelievable to see the turnout of people and foods prepared for the people who were coming for the premium  sale or watch their kid sell their project.  I was a stranger in your town and probably visited with 10 people as i was getting my chili and before i got seated in the sale arena., none of which I knew previous to coming this night.

Henrietta is a very special town with people doing the right thing and my wife and i have discovered we were only visitors again for a minute then we  spent the rest of the evening enjoying seeing the kids getting rewarded for the great amount of time and dedication they spent on their projects at the premium sale.  We are looking forward to next years Livestock Show and Sale, and wish all of the kids good luck as they take their animals to other shows in the next month or so.

Buddy and Kathy Trent
via e-mail

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