With jurors called, trial of Commissioner AJ Peek postponed until March


The jury trial of Precinct 4 Commissioner Albert Jerome “A.J.” Peek, set to begin Wednesday afternoon, has been postponed until March 25.

Prospective jurors were called to the courthouse early Wednesday morning, but a jury had not been seated when the postponement was announced.

Peek, of Vashti, was indicted May 21 on a single count of abuse of official capacity, a class A misdemeanor. Peek is believed to have had a county employee use a county-owned backhoe to clean out a ditch on private property in Precinct 4 to benefit the owner of the property.

Prospective jurors were told that the trial would be delayed because the prosecution was not ready and was “missing some evidence.”

Special prosecutor Ron Poole, assistant district attorney for the 235th Judicial District in Cooke County, said the trial was delayed due to the death of a key witness in the case. The witness, landowner Ricky Staley, died Dec. 13. Poole said the prosecution will need to find additional evidence.


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  1. This was a stupid charge in the first place. Mr. Peek did the right thing and paid a price for doing it. His good name has been besmirched by this. How many other county officials have used county equipment, not to help a neighbor and constituent…but for their own personal use? Let’s just name a few…..

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