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Judging wraps with goat show; Hoff win grand in market category


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Judging in the Clay County Junior Livestock Show wrapped up early Saturday afternoon with breeding and market goats.

Kolton Beeler of the Henrietta FFA won grand champion breeding goat with a junior doe, while sister Kassidy won reserve champion with a senior doe. In the market goat category, Jordan Hoff of the Henrietta FFA earned a grand champion buckle, while Katie Reed of Petrolia showed the reserve champion animal.

Results in the goat show are as follows:

Breeding Goats

  • Grand Champion — Kolton Beeler, Henrietta FFA
  • Reserve Champion — Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA

Market Goats

  • Grand Champion — Jordan Hoff, Henrietta FFA
  • Reserve Champion — Katie Reed, Petrolia FFA


  • Senior Showmanship — Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA
  • Junior Showmanship — Kandon Bennett, Clay County 4-H

Results by Class

Breeding Goats

Junior Does — First place, Kolton Beeler, Henrietta FFA; second, Tori Erwin, Henrietta FFA; third, Lakob Plummer, Petrolia FFA: fourth, Hadley Gee, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Ashley Jackson, Bellevue FFA.

Senior Does — First place, Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA; second, Dylan Throckmorton, Bellevue FFA; third, Klayton Hoff, Clay County 4-H.

Market Goats

Class 1 — First place, Katie Reed, Petrolia FFA; second, Zac Hutchens, Petrolia FFA; third, Katie Reed, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Addison Hoff, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Skee Burkes, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Aireal Bayer, Petrolia FFA; seventh, Alicia Cockshutt, Bellevue FFA; eighth, Ashley Jackson, Bellevue FFA.

Class 2 — First place, Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA; second, Marlon Banner, Petrolia FFA; third, Josh Merito, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Addison Hoff, Clay County 4-H; fifth, Dalton Rushing, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Tanner Alexander-Davis, Clay County 4-H; seventh, Mackenzie Martin, Henrietta FFA; eighth, Breannah Malaer, Bellevue FFA.

Class 3 — First place, Sarah Francisco, Henrietta FFA; second, Ashley Jackson, Bellevue FFA; third, Makenzie White, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Cassie Pickett, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Dellen Koetter, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Katelyn Parrish, Henrietta FFA; seventh, Kimberley Morrow, Bellevue FFA; eighth, Westin Dillard, Clay County 4-H; ninth, Bailey Terry, Bellevue FFA.

Class 4 — First place, Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA; second, Coty Chase, Petrolia FFA; third, Adriana Velez, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Bandy Mataska, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Kayla Francisco, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Hadley Gee, Petrolia FFA.

Class 5 — First place, Jordan Hoff, Henrietta FFA: second, Josey Cleveland, Henrietta FFA; third, Sydney Daniels, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Kolton Beeler, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Tylor Brown, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Grady Jones, Clay County 4-H.

Class 6 — First place, Keaton Davis, Henrietta FFA; second, Josey Cleveland, Henrietta FFA: third, Chelsey Pryor, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Kolton Beeler, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Cade Johnson, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Layten Graham, Clay County 4-H; seventh, Kaci Williams, Clay County 4-H; eighth, Savannah Rushing, Clay County 4-H.

Class 7 — First place, Austyn Jones, Henrietta FFA; second, Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA; third, Jacob Saldana, Clay County 4-H; fourth, Jade White, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Brooke Hoff, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Araya Nezat, Bellevue FFA; seventh, John Grunseich, Bellevue FFA.

Class 8 — First place, Landry Bennett, Clay County 4-H; second, Chelsey Pryor, Henrietta FFA; third, Kolton Beeler, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Hagen Houck, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Sydney Daniels, Petrolia FFA; sixth, Skee Burkes, Henrietta FFA; seventh, Dylan Throckmorton, Bellevue FFA: eighth, Savannah Rushing, Clay County 4-H.

Class 9 — First place, Jakob Plummer, Petrolia FFA; second, Kandon Bennett, Clay County 4-H; third, Cassie Pickett, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Mason Barry, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Kaylee Trail, Bellevue FFA; sixth, Addison Hoff, Clay County 4-H; seventh, Brooke Hoff, Henrietta FFA; eighth, Mary Nall, Midway FFA.


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