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Crafton shows grand champ market hog; Belknap takes reserve


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Lindsey Crafton, a member of the Henrietta FFA, wrapped up Friday’s activities at the Clay County Junior Livestock Show by earning grand champion in the market hog division. Rusty Belknap of the Petrolia FFA took reserve champion.

Results in the market hog hog and breeding guilt shows are as follows:

Market Hogs

  • Grand Champion — Lindsey Crafton, Henrietta FFA
  • Reserve Champion — Rusty Belknap, Petrolia FFA


  • Senior Showmanship — Tabitha Dickinson, Petrolia FFA
  • Junior Showmanship — Daniel Koetter, Clay County 4-H

Results by Class

Breeding Guilts — First place, Regan Seigler, Clay County 4-H; second, Elizabeth Koetter, Clay County 4-H; Daniel Koetter, Clay County 4-H.

Market Hogs

Class 1 — First place, Tessa Berend; Petrolia FFA; second, Tabitha Dickinson, Petrolia FFA; third, Ryanne Macklin, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Zachary Baker, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Reece Hensley, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Kelli Forester, Midway FFA; seventh, Reece Essler, Clay County 4-H; eighth, McKenzie Weaver, Henrietta FFA.

Class 2 — First place, Addie McDonnell, Henrietta FFA; second place, Daniel Koetter, Clay County 4-H; third, Jayson Castle, Midway FFA; fourth, Kelli Forester, Midway FFA; fifth, John Hanson, Bellevue FFA; sixth, Katie Castle, Midway FFA: seventh, Rhett Sharp, Midway FFA; eighth, Leah Scribner, Clay County 4-H.

Class 3 — First place, Heather Hicks, Henrietta FFA; second, Brendall Dunn, Henrietta FFA; third, Katie Halsell, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Chance Horn, Midway FFA; fifth, Michael Hanson, Bellevue FFA; sixth, Kynlee Copeland, Petrolia FFA; seventh, Justin Koetter, Heniretta FFA.

Class 4 — First place, Abbi Armour, Petrolia FFA; second, Luke Allison, Bellevue FFA; third, Destiny Blake, Midway FFA; fourth, Marley Tate, Midway FFA; fifth, Laramie Dunn, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Andi Stewart, Henrietta FFA; seventh, Kelli Forester, Midway FFA: eighth, Brandon Shipley, Petrolia FFA: ninth, Elizabeth Koetter, Clay County 4-H.

Class 5 — First place, Rusty Belknap, Petrolia FFA; second, Daniel Koetter, Clay County 4-H; third, Sydney Winkler, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Becca Riggins, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Michaela Hedrick, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Cade Armour, Petrolia FFA; seventh, Madeline Koetter, Clay County 4-H; eighth, Mark Nall, Midway FFA.

Class 6 — First place, Joyana Zamzow, Henrietta FFA; second, Addison Wade, Henrietta FFA; third, Elizabeth Koetter, Clay County 4-H; fourth, Vinita Trevino, Petrolia FFA; fifth, Jessica Skinner, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Lizzie Dickinson, Petrolia FFA; seventh, Justin Koetter, Henrietta FFA; eighth, Destiny Blake, Midway FFA.

Class 7 — First place, Lindsey Crafton, Henrietta FFA; second, Kamryn Weaver, Henrietta FFA; third, Macon Armour, Petrolia FFA; fourth, Regan Seigler, Clay County 4-H; fifth, Chris Reel, Henrietta FFA; sixth, Macon Armour, Petrolia FFA; seventh, Ashley Parr, Bellevue FFA; eighth, Ashley Parr, Bellevue FFA; ninth, Ashley Riddle, Clay County 4-H.


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