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Hoff steer named grand champion; Beeler wins grand champion heifer


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Klayton Hoff, a member of the Henrietta 4-H chapter earned grand champion steer Thursday night as the 36th annual Clay County Junior Livestock Show and Youth Fair kicked off.

Hoff was joined in the winners’ circle by Henrietta FFA member Kassidy Beeler, who showed the grand champion beef heifer, Conner Chambers of the Henrietta 4-H with his reserve champion steer, and Kasey Taylor of the Henrietta 4-H, who showed the reserve champion heifer.

Results in the beef cattle show are as follows:

Beef Heifers

  • Grand Champion — Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA
  • Reserve Grand Champion — Kasey Taylor, Clay County 4-H

Market Steers

  • Grand Champion — Klayton Hoff, Clay County 4-H,
  • Reserve Grand Champion — Conner Chambers, Clay County 4-H


  • Senior showmanship — Parker West, Henrietta FFA
  • Junior showmanship — Conner Chambers, Clay County 4-H

Results by Class

Beef Heifers

Class 1 — First place, Thomas Ramsey, Petrolia FFA; second, Jakob Plummer, Petrolia FFA; third, Corby Henry-Morrison, Henrietta FFA.

Class 2 — First place, Cassie Pickett, Henrietta FFA; second, Parker West, Henrietta FFA; third, Katie Jo Blanscet, Henrietta FFA, fourth, Parker Dunkerley, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Caden Robinson, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Riley Sizemore, Henrietta FFA.

Class 3 — First place, Kassidy Beeler, Henrietta FFA; second, Jared Richardson, Petrolia 4-H; third, Macy McDaniel, Clay County 4-H; fourth, Savannah Allison, Bellevue FFA; fifth, Macey Baber, Henrietta FFA.

Class 4 — First, Kasey Taylor, Clay County 4-H; second, Tate Sizemore, Henrietta FFA; third, Connor Kirby, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Corby Henry-Morrison, Henrietta FFA; fifth, Tristan Franke, Clay County 4-H; sixth, Bodee Franke, Clay County 4-H.

Class 5 — First place, Garrett Tice, Henrietta FFA; second place, Ethan Franke, Clay County 4-H.

Class 6 — First place, Connor Kirby, Henrietta FFA; second, Mason Knight, Clay County 4-H.

Market Steers

Class 1 — First place, Britney Crye, Midway FFA; second, Parker West, Henrietta FFA; third place, Will Morath, Petrolia FFA; fourth place, Haleah Harmon, fourth place, Clay County 4-H.

Class 2 — First place, Jared Richardson, Petrolia FFA; second, Britney Crye, Midway FFA; third, Stefanie Wolf, Henrietta FFA; fourth, Parker Dunkerley, Henrietta FFA.

Class 3 — First place, Klayton Hoff, Clay County 4-H; second, Conner Chambers, Clay County 4-H; third, Austin Trent, Henrietta FFA.

Class 4 — First place, Klayton Hoff, Clay County 4-H; second, Parker Dunkerley, Henrietta FFA; third, Holt Chambers, Clay County 4-H.


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