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Henrietta Junior High second place in 8-2A academics


Henrietta Junior High took second place in the District 8-2A UIL Academics, held Thursday, Dec. 6 at City View.

Holliday finished first, while City View took third place.

Individual results are as follows:

Sixth Grade

  • Art Memory: First, Isabella Garcia; second, Joey Garcia; third, Mikayla Taptto; fifth, Kylee Erickson
  • Calculator: Fourth, Kylee Halter; fifth, Kalico Burkes
  • Dictionary Skills: First, Leah Bullinger; fourth, April Elliott
  • Listening: Fourth, Megan Bennett; fifth, Todd Yurcho
  • Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Third, Maegan Kelly
  • Mathematics: Fourth, Kylee Halter; sixth, Maegan Kelly
  • Music Memory: First, Audrey Gallagher; second, Kaci Williams
  • Number Sense: Fifth, Blake Liggett
  • Oral Reading: Third, April Elliott; fourth, Kalico Burkes; fifth, Leah Bullinger
  • Ready Writing: First, Leah Bullinger; fifth, Camrin Byers
  • Social Studies: First, Kenny Bender; second, Todd Yurcho; third, Clay Streeter
  • Spelling: First, Leah Bullinger; fifth, tie Corbin Cody

Rounding out the sixth grade team are Trinity Bell, Kirsten Ervin, Brooklyn McMurry, Desmond McNett, Rachell Morrow, Heather Taylor, Daniel Wimberly and Abby Zamzow.

Seventh Grade

  • Art Memory: First, Gabby Matthews; third (tie), Addie Duncan; third (tie), Ashlyn Douthitt; fifth, Garrett Duncan
  • Calculator: Second,Jayson Nixon; fifth, Trey Essler
  • Dictionary Skills: First,Tie Jayson Nixon; third, Garrett Duncan; sixth, Maddie Brown
  • Editorial Writing: Sixth, Jayson Nixon
  • Impromptu Speaking: First, Lizzie Riordan; second, Kristen Hoff; sixth, Gabrielle Matthews
  • Listening: Sixth, Sydney Nichols
  • Maps, Graphs and Charts: First, Seth Sanderson; third, Garrett Duncan; fourth, Clayton Fugett
  • Mathematics: Third, Jayson Nixon; fifth, Trey Essler
  • Modern Oratory: Sixth, Brynn Barger
  • Number Sense: Fourth, Joseph Ford; fifth, Jonus Noack
  • Oral Reading: Second, Ashlynn Douthitt; fifth, Katie Newberry
  • Ready Writing: Sixth, Gabby Matthews
  • Science: Sixth, Jonus Noack
  • Social Studies: Third (tie), Ben Johnson; third (tie), Ross Cantwell; sixth (tie), Blake Binkley
  • Spelling: Second, Angelina Claeys; third, Weston Max; fourth, Kaitlyn Williams

Rounding out the seventh grade team are Tyler Aaron, Triston Emanuel, Melissa Garner, Jim Gwin, Brayden Headrick, Noah Mabry, Bailey Overstreet, Jacobi Reynolds, Marisa Rodriguez, Beth Scott, Jeffrey Smith and Sara Williams.

Eighth Grade

  • Art Memory: Second, Peyton Lee; third, Amber Dillamon; fourth, Kagen Campbell; fifth, Jordan Harwell
  • Calculator: Third (tie), Caleb Cody; fifth, Kelton Matthews
  • Dictionary Skills: Sixth, Kandon Bennett
  • Editorial Writing: Second, Jordan Harwell; sixth, Kandon Bennett
  • Impromptu Speaking: Third, Leilani Barton; fourth, Nicole Bell; fifth, Addie Duncan
  • Listening: Sixth, Mikayla Collins
  • Maps, Graphs, and Charts: Second, Sterling Headrick; fourth, Kelton Matthews; sixth, Madeline Koetter
  • Mathematics: Second, Ben McCreary; sixth, Kandon Bennett
  • Modern Oratory: Third, Sami Morrow
  • Number Sense: First, Kandon Bennett; third (tie) Ben McCreary
  • Oral Reading: Fourth, Corbin Douthitt; sixth, Skylar Castro
  • Science: Fifth, Bailey Pierce; sixth, Caleb Cody
  • Social Studies:  First, Caleb Cody; third, Connor Chambers; fourth, Sterling Headrick
  • Spelling: Fifth, Adam Moore; sixth, Mason Hanson

Rounding out the eighth grade team are Brittany Burns, Blaine Long, Jeremy Mayes, Ethan Scholl and Abby Smith.


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