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Edwards Public Library, First Baptist to host book signings for Henrietta author


Edwards Public Library is proud to host a book signing for Author Carol McKee Davis of Henrietta. Davis will be signing her book “Behind Closed Doors: A Journey through Manic Depression” on Thursday, Dec. 6, from 4-7 p.m.

Edwards Public Library is located at 210 W. Gilbert in Henrietta.

A second book signing will be held in the foyer of First Baptist Church of Henrietta following the Dec. 9 morning service.

The book will be available for purchase at both events.

The book is a product of three-plus years of writing, editing, and re-editing, said Davis.

“Manic Depression is also called bi-polar disorder.  It is a chemical imbalance in the brain. It can be treated with medications; but it is trial and error to find the right medicine for each person,” said Davis. “I did not talk about my illness for many, many years.  If you were diabetic, you would take medicine to control it.  In the same way you need to see a psychiatrist to get on medicine to help control the mental illness.  Talking to a psychologist or counselor helps too.

“Another name for Jesus and the Holy Spirit is Wonderful Counselor.  The Holy Spirit sold me on Jesus.  I was already saved when I had my first full-blown manic episode.  Jesus walked me through that journey and back to a sound mind.  He has done it over and over again.  I praise God that I am alive to tell my story and for His healing.”

Davis wrote the book from the position of choice.

“Most people view depression as something that is completely involuntary; but I do not look at it that way.  The book builds on the foundation that dispels helplessness and the tendency to feel victimized.  Even if depression is a disease one cannot control having, the human-will still factors in on how one lives with it,” she said. “I share my short-comings in order to help the reader.  I share the teachings, verses, books, and spiritual leaders that I found helpful.  I pray my honesty and sincerity will make the book something readers cherish as a lifeline during their own issues.”

In her writings, Davis breaks down episodes of anger and passive aggressive behavior.

“Many wish they could change, but don’t know where to start; and end up making mistakes in a matter of seconds.  By the time they realize what is happening, the wrong deeds have already been done.  I take responsibility for my actions.  I trust God and breakdown old habits by replacing them with new techniques.  I pray the reader will come away with a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.  I pray that the book will not just be for the manic depressive, but also for the depressed and the family members who deal with this illness through their loved ones on a daily basis,” she said. “The book is a combination of scripture, prayers, and my story.  It was very healing to write the book and I hope it will be healing for those who read it.”

“Behind Closed Doors: A Journey through Manic Depression” is for sale on amazon.com or Barnesandnoble.com, and available on Kindle or Nook, where a sample is available at no cost (search Behind Closed Doors by Carol McKee Davis). Books are $20, tax included.


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