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Bellevue ISD names honor roll, perfect attendance students


Bellevue ISD has announced honor rolls for the second six weeks of the 2012-13 school year.

 ‘A’ Honor Roll

First grade — Cierra Matz, Mason Criswell, Jre Donnell, Dillon Hutchinson, Jacobi McGregor, Avrie Perry, Ricki Raley, Grayson Eudey and Cirstin Allen.

Second grade — Rykir Allen, Aaron Betts, Chasitty DeLao, Nora Houston, Grace Martin, Zeke Mayo, Keller Ogle, Leslie Orton, Stephen Weathers and Noah Hendrix.

Third grade — Austin Ford.

Fourth grade — Season Eudey, Grifyn Ogle and Kaylee Trail.

Fifth grade — Rebecca Maddin.

Sixth grade — Ashley Jackson, Freedom Morris and Trey Terry.

Seventh grade — Gabriel Garza.

Eighth grade — Madelyn Eckeberger and Dylan Ford.

Ninth grade — Devon Cassetty.

Tenth grade — Amber Bush, John Grunseich, Colin Kollman and Hannah McWilliams.

Eleventh grade — Ambre Cambre, Brandt Cassetty, James Mangus, Kayla Specht and Madison Terry.

Twelfth grade — Alicia Cockshutt, Joe Hankins, Araya Nezat, Katie Specht and Bailey Schroeder.

‘A-B’ honor roll

First grade — Kason Roper.

Second grade — Rayna Ozuna and Wyatt Sanders.

Third grade — Gideon Hellinger,  Hannah Love and  Cortney Wheeler.

Fourth grade — Destiny Matz, Abigail Ratliff and Travis Terry.

Fifth grade — Tyler Allen, Hannah Auston, Jacob Eckeberger and Corey West.

Sixth grade — Luke Allison, Zoe Berry, Haley Couffer, Jonah Belcher, Emily Largent, Blake Mangus, Dani Moore, Dalton Omans, Mikaela Phillips, Dayton Shook and John Walker.

Seventh grade — Megan Brown, Deziree Kendrick and Shae Lesando.

Eighth grade — Andrew Booker, Alexandra Brown, Levi Bush, Alyssa Corwin, Jonathan Goen, Caysie Hankins, Michael Hanson, Joe Moore, Layne Morris and Emily Trail.

Ninth grade — Kayla Worth and Savannah Allison.

Tenth grade — Samantha Pizana, Broc Terry and Victoria Woods.

Eleventh grade — Emily Barnett, Matthew Belcher, Ashley Parr, Cassidy York and Destiny Watkins.

Twelfth grade — Kimberly Morrow, Josie Wise, Bailey Terry, Tyler Terry and Tucker Wood.

Perfect Attendance

Kindergarten — Aiden Montgomery.

First grade —Dillon Hutchinson, Jacobi McGregor and Kason Roper.

Second grade —Rykir Allen,Aaron Betts, Chasitty DeLao, Nora Houston and Wyatt Sanders.

Third grade —Austin Ford, Matt Hamilton, Peyton Hall and Terrance Perry.

Fourth grade —Thomas Corwin, Braden Gregory, Hayden Roper, Travis Terry, Kaylee Trail and Bobby Walker.

Fifth grade —Tyler Allen,Hart Martin,Ethan Perry andZoie Sanders.

Sixth grade — Luke Allison, Jonah Belcher, Blake Mangus, Dalton Omans, Mikaela Phillips, Trey Terry and Jon Walker.

Seventh grade — Tatum Moore.

Eighth grade — Jonathan Goen, Jake Hamilton, Caysie Hankins, Michael Hanson, Gavin Moore and Emily Trail.

Ninth grade — Devon Cassetty, Kylie Merritt and Kayla Worth.

Tenth grade — John Hanson and Colin Kollman.

Eleventh grade — Emily Barnett, Brandt Cassetty and Cassidy York.

Twelfth grade — Joe Hankins, Kody Coonfield and Dakota Wood.


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