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Remembering family and tax payers on Veterans Day


Dear Editor:

It is honorable to commemorate the service of so many on this day.  But, before conjuring up an image of the veteran in visions of the men and women in uniform, this old veteran would like to remind you that every family member left behind during their loved ones training and deployments are serving our country too!

Plus, the good people called ‘tax payers’ also serve via their labors and contributions to the homefront as well.  Believe it or not, the tax dollars funding of the Department of Defense not only go to bombs and bullets, they are used to feed, dress appropriately for the environment troops are serving in, and to shelter our troops too.   So, on this holiday, if you’ve ever stayed at home worrying about a loved one in uniform, or paid your annual dues to the Internal Revenue Service,  you are a veteran deserving a days honor too!

Tony Kolodgy

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