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Midway, Bellevue, Petrolia runners qualify for regional cross country meet


Athletes from Midway, Bellevue and Petrolia will travel to Arlington’s Vandergriff Park Saturday for the Region II Class A Cross Country Meet.

Midway’s Irene Farina Budino will compete, along with the Bellevue Lady Eagles team, in the varsity girls race. Budino placed second in the District 14-A individual standings to qualify, while Bellevue’s girls placed third as a team.

Midway’s boys also placed third in the District 14-A team standings to qualify for the regional meet, while Petrolia’s boys team placed third in District 9-A to qualify. Bellevue’s Brandt Cassetty qualified as an individual.

The District 9-A and District 14-A meets were held Oct. 24. Results of local schools are as follows:

District 9-A Boys

Varsity team standings — First place, Haskell, 18 points; second place, Anson, 47 points; third place, Petrolia, 57 points.

Varsity individuals — Twelfth, Tyler Mathews, Petrolia, 19:51; 16th, Chase Hall, Petrolia, 20:35; 18th, Gage Williams, Petrolia, 20:41; 24th, Ryan Harrison, Petrolia, 22:24; 28th, Tanner Welch, Petrolia, 25:25; other Petrolia varsity runners were Zach Coker and Josh Matthews.

JV Individuals — First place, Tyler Martin, Petrolia, 24:52.

Junior high individuals — 13th, Dane Williams, Petrolia,14:35; 18th, Landon Washburn, Petrolia, 15:39; Other Petrolia Junior High Boys were Nathan Ivy, Peyton Macklin, Taylor Colley and Slade Love.

District 9-A Girls

Varsity individuals — 23rd, Kirsten Kenyon, Petrolia, 14:46. Harley Moore, Hanna Heuring, Faith Reeves and Macey Hall filled out the Lady Pirate team.

Junior High Individuals — 33rd, Bailey Bradshaw, Petrolia,16:29. Other Petrolia runners were Brooklyn Bunch (60), Abby Pennartz (66), Kassey Soloman (68), Jaidyn Jetton (74). Tessa Berend, Emily Pennartz, Caroline Ramsey, Lindy Alexander and Taylor Cope.

District 14-A Boys

Varsity team standings — First place, Slidell, 30 points; Graford, 48 points, Midway, 70 points.

Varsity Individuals — Sixth, Brandt Cassetty, Bellevue20:20.73; ninth, Logan Harper, Midway, 20:37.49; 14th, John Gruseich, Bellevue, 21:30.50; 15th, Ben Forester, Midway, 21:44.25; 18th, Ryan Terry, Midway, 22:21.17; 19th, Mark Nall, Midway, 22:27.88; 22nd, Trstan Franke, Midway, 22:37.91; 24th, Emilio Mendoza, Bellevue, 22:55.07; 25th, Austin Thorn, Midway, 23:20.19; 30th, Matthew Belcher, Bellevue, 24:05.38; 31st, Jacob Watkins, Bellevue, 24:20.50; 36th, Tyler Terry, Bellevue, 25:28.60; 41st, Josh Fulbright, Midway, 27:12.49; 43rd, Tyler Gallagher, Bellevue, 27:19.77.

JV Individuals — Sixth place, Brandon Cannon, Midway, 27:12.49; seventh, John Hanson, Bellevue, 28:12.88; eighth, Kaden Ogle, Bellevue, 29:37.16; ninth, Jorden Mass, Midway, 33:29.57; 10th, Adam Schobert, Midway, 34:13.36.

Junior High Team — Slidell, 56 points; Graford, 64 points; Saint Jo, 75 points; Bellevue, 93 points.

Junior High Individuals — sixth, Gabriel Garza, Bellevue, 13:47.6; seventh, Layne Morris, Bellevue, 13:54.97; 18th, Alex Tutino, Bellevue, 15:37.71; 27th, Ethan Franke, Midway, 16:54.03; 30th, Johnathan Goen, Bellevue, 18:07.65; 32nd, Dylan Throckmorton, Bellevue, 18:52.4; 34th, Eric Delao, Bellevue, 20:56.83; 35th, Hunter Fuller, Bellevue, 21:13.07; 36th, Andy Booker, Bellevue, 21:25.66; 37th, Hanson, Bellevue, 21:29.63; 43rd, Austin VanPelt, Midway, 23:41.31; 46th, Bryce Forester, Midway, 29:18.30.

District 14-A Girls

Varsity team standings — First place, Slidell, 20 points; Paint Creek, 48 points, Bellevue, 62 points.

Varsity Individuals — Second place, Irene Farina, Midway, 14:26.41; 11th, Kimberly Morrow, Bellevue, 15:54.81; 16th, Devon Cassetty, Bellevue, 17:29.92; 21st, Mikayla Graham, Midway, 19:50.97; 23rd, Bailey Terry, Bellevue, 20:37.11; 24th, Ashley Parr, Bellevue, 20:50.93; 25th, Emily Barnett, Bellevue, 21:21.22; 26th, Destiny Watkins, Bellevue, 22:05.38; 27th, Hannah McWilliams, Bellevue, 22:10.34.

JV Individuals — Fourth, Kayla Specht, Bellevue, 26:09.84; Fifth, Cassidy York, Bellevue, 26:10.17.

Junior High Team — Slidell, 24 points; Throckmorton, 57 points; Montague, 65 points; Bellevue, 91 points.

Junior High Individuals — 10th, Britney Crye, Midway, 15:58.99; 23rd, Ally Corwin, Bellevue, 17:30.77; 26th, Emily Trail, Bellevue, 18:10.60; 33rd, Megan Brown, Bellevue, 20:07.85; 35th, Alex Brown, Bellevue, 20:18.56; 37th, Madi Echeberger, Bellevue, 20:38.07; 40th, Jordan Looney, Midway, 21:54.42; 41st, Shae Lesando, Bellevue, 23:32.51.


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