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‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it;’ Republican endorses Davis


Dear Editor:

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Think about that.

For the most part this country would be far better off without the big spending liberals in the Democratic Party. Certainly we would be better off without Obama.

We do have a few good elected officials who have remained in the Democratic Party. One of those is Clay County’s own Toby Davis. Toby is a fine constable, a good man, and he deserves our support.

In my business I deal with public officials daily. I have been one. I know which ones do their job and how well. One of the most important jobs of a constable is serving court papers. Toby Davis does that well. Actually, I know of no one who does it better. That’s an important and sometimes thankless job.

Toby Davis does his job without fanfare. He’s an unassuming man who quietly takes care of business. I don’t know the other candidate, but he can’t be better at the job than Toby Davis because Toby does his job better than anyone I’ve ever known in his or a similar position.

The position of Clay County Constable ain’t broke and it don’t need fixing. Vote for and re-elect Toby Davis and keep a good man in a job well done.

Very truly yours,

Frank J. Douthitt

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