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Voters urged to not to vote straight ticket; Davis endorsed


Dear Editor:

On November the 6th, we have many very important decisions to make that will affect all of our lives for a very long time to come.

I will not hide the fact that I mainly vote republican, but I never vote a straight party-line ticket.

I vote for the person that I feel is best suited for the job.

This year, I am tempted to vote straight ticket with the exception of one candidate, Toby Davis for Clay County Constable.

Toby has served our county well for over 20 years in this position. His mild disposition, and his compassion for others along with his dedication to the citizens of our county makes him well suited for the job he has been preforming faithfully for the past two decades.

He has truly been, and will be, a valuable asset for our county as a whole.

Keep Toby Davis as our constable, along with his expertise, knowledge and dedication.

So please, when you go vote, don’t vote a single check mark for a certain party. Pick and choose the candidate that most likely will serve your needs. For this office, I feel it is Toby Davis.

Remember, come election day there is one candidate on the Democratic side who has served us well. Vote for Toby Davis for Clay County Constable.

Thank you,

J.R. DeMers

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