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Vashti 4-H members participate in community cleanup day


Vashti-Bellevue 4-H members who actively participated in the Oct. 6 Vashti Clean Up are Dani Moore, Joe Moore, Braden Gregory and Colin Kollman. (Photo courtesy Beth Moore)

The Vashti-Bellevue 4-H Club participated in a “OneDay 4-H” project on Saturday Oct. 6.

Four members of the club, Braden Gregory, Joe Moore, Dani Moore and Colin Kollman, helped their community by taking part in the Vashti Clean Up Day.

Club members helped dig a ditch for new plumbing in the community center, removed old plants from a flower bed, planted wildflower seeds, planted five crepe myrtle trees, and helped to paint and repair picnic tables and the flag pole. They also assisted in picking up trash and tree limbs and cleaning the community center.

Plans are underway and work is beginning on a butterfly garden at the community center to be built from community-donated materials with work done by the 4-H club members. Various club members said that the best part of the day was getting to know the people of their community better.

“We are all proud to be from Vashti, where “the best is better” and we want to make it even better,” said Beth Moore Vashti Club Manger.


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