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Sunset man injured in motorcycle accident on Hwy. 287


A witness inspects damage to a motorcycle involved in an accident on Hwy. 287 on the New York Road overpass Friday.

A Sunset man was transported to Clay County Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries Friday after a motorcycle accident on Hwy. 287, south of Henrietta.

The wreck occurred on the New York Road overpass.

Earnest DeBord, 51, was traveling south on a Honda Gullwing motorcycle when a pack of dogs ran across onto the southbound lanes from the overpass embankment. As he approached the overpass, DeBord struck two of the dogs and lost control of the motorcycle.  The bike came to a rest on the shoulder of the overpass.

Several witnesses, including a Cotton County, Okla., sheriff’s deputy, assisted DeBord until Henrietta Volunteer Fire Fighters and Clay County EMTs arrived on scene. One witness stated that there were six dogs in the pack.

DeBord suffered severe abrasions from striking the road.

The wreck was reported at approximately 11:45 p.m.


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