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Competition stiff in Friday frog and turtle contests, team doctoring



Competition was stiff after Friday’s Pioneer Reunion float parade, on the courthouse square and at Tex Rickard Arena.

Youngsters crowded the north side of the square for turtle races and frog jumping, while area cowboys competed in team doctoring.

Results of the turtle and frog contests are as follows:

There were approximately sixty turtle racing entries.

  • Best Decorated Turtle – First place, Pate Cody; second place, name not available; third place, Levi Adams; fourth place, Luke Alexander; fifth place, Brindle Dunn
  • Turtle race- First place, Lynden Browning and Charlee Munchrath; second place, Tyner Horn; third place, Levi Adams
  • Biggest Turtle- First place, Emrie Moore; second place, Levi Adams
  • Smallest Turtle- First place, Natalie Sweetin; second place, Cooper Coleman; third place, Hannah Wilhite
  • Longest Frog Hop- First place, Graham Gonzenbach at 105 inches; second place, Grace Martin at 90 inches; third place, Chase Curry at 86 inches
  • Biggest Frog- First place, Chase Martin and Sarah Klyn tied at 15 inches; second place, Graham Gonzenbach at 14 ½ inches; third place, Cally Martin
  • Smallest Frog- First place, Halle Houck at 3 inches; second place, Sarah Klein at five inches

Results of the team doctoring are as follows:

There were a total of eight teams.

  • First place- Jim Tackett, Brady Chambles, Joe Mac Boegeman and Klint Brown with a time of 28.9 seconds, awarded $480.00
  • Second place- Casey Hoff, Jarred Johnson, Kyle McCord and Rusty Schroeder with a time of 48.3 seconds, awarded $320.00

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