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Hanson supports Litteken for Sheriff

Dear Editor:
To begin with I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to everyone that contributed their support, time and resources to my bid for Clay County Sheriff, and to everyone that entrusted me with their vote.  My family and I thank you.
I write to ask that you cast your votes along with me this fall for Sheriff’s Candidate Dee Litteken.  I have known Dee all my life from times that he went hunting with my granddad, and my dad.  Dee has always been a good friend, and a good man.  Dee will make a great Sheriff.  I heard a man say once that there is a difference between having ‘experience in law enforcement’ and having ‘time in law enforcement.’  Dee has both.  Dee has dedicated his life to the profession.  I am proud to call him my friend, and I hope to call him my Sheriff.

So join with me this November in electing the best candidate for the job.  Join with me in voting for Dee Litteken for Sheriff.


Randy J. Hanson

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