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More than 1,000 bicyclists compete on Clay County course


Hotter’n Hell Hundred road racers pass through downtown Henrietta Saturday. According to HHH officials, 1,005 riders participated in the road race, most of which was located in Clay County.

According to Hotter’n Hell Hundred officials, 1,005 riders participated in the road race that wound through Clay County Saturday.

The Aug. 25 event marked the second year for the 105 mile race to come through the north end of the county and through Henrietta. The majority of the race, approximately 85 miles, was located inside Clay County. This year, road racers followed a separate course than the 100-mile endurance ride, which stayed mostly within the bounds of Wichita County.

In all, more than 12,000 bicyclists participated in the Hotter’n Hell Hundred over the weekend in at least one of several rides and races.


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