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July deeds recorded


The following deeds were recorded in the Clay County Clerk’s Office in the month of July 2012:

Robert Butler et al to Floyd Moore et al, 2.92 acres, Michael Sims Suvey, A-420.

Susan Y. Thomas to Markel T. Gatlin et al, Lot 2, Block 26, Howeth & Eldridge.

Anna Lois Everhart to Brenda Brown, Lots 1 & 2, Block 28, Park Addition.

Patricia Ruth Holland et al to Seymour Springs Ranch, LLC, 40. 3 acres, Block 36,  & 44.8 acres, Block 39, Specht & McCutcheon.

Rosa Lee Hasley to Ralph Brunskill, Lot 10, 11, 12, Block 27, Town of Petrolia.

Charles W. Scripter to Jacob C. Weaver, Lot 4, R.W. Wiist, #1.

Carri Lynn Lane to Donald Keith Dolan, Block 18, Lot 11 & 12, Byers Township.

Carol Taylor to Jorge Barron, 2 acres, Mary F.E. Simms, A-972.

Thomas J. Bursey to Richard R. Redford, Lot 9, Block 2, Section 3, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Estate of Forrest D. Montgomery to Kerry Hargrove et al, Lot 9, Block A, Rodgers Addition.

Patricia Rippin to Hugo Alcoccer et al, Lot 22, Block 2, Section 6, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

Billy Ray Rainwater, Jr. to Daniel E. Stearns, Lot 40, Block K, Eastside, Lake Arrowhead.

Dennis Gillispie, Sr. et al to David Ronald Kelly, Lot 5, Block 2, Section 1, Arrowhead Ranch Estates.

The Lindeman Family Trust to Charles A. Cooper, 15.435 acres, Clark & Plumb, Block 2, Lot 18.

Jamie Wilkinson to Laurie Schaffner, E/45’, Lot 5 & All Lot 6, Block 4, Eastview Addition.

Dewey Conley et ux to Schaffner Family, LP, 42.05, Block 48, Parker CSL.

Scott Damon Whitner to Melody D. Mehan et al, 1.07 acres, W. Spavin, A-422, a/k/a Lot 1, Block 1, Whitener Addition.

Robert Dwaine Mangus et al to Patricia Waller et vir, 1.359 acres, Hamm-Melton-Ford-Webb, Block 11

Thomas L. Saunders to Mark A. Baker, 0.41 acres, Block 111, Byers Bros. Sub.

Thomas L. Saunders et al to Lacy S. Baker et al, Pt. Lots 5 & 7 and All Lot 6, Block 51, Railroad Addition.

Lillian Gossett Priddy to Miranda Nicole Beasley, Lot 3, Block 38, Original Town of Bellevue.

George W. Slagle to Phillip B. Merritt et al, E/2 of Lots 5 & 6, Block 32, Original Town of Bellevue.

Kenny Covington et ux to Seth Clayton Slagle et al, 0.14 acres, A-Crain, A-83.


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