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Biologist asks for assistance in tracking collared, tagged deer


Wildlife Biologist Charlie Newberry and son Stoney Newberry place a radio collar and ear tag on a deer east of Henrietta.

In 2010, Charlie Newberry, a Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist, began a small pilot project in Clay County which involves capturing and ear tagging deer. The project is designed to improve knowledge of their attraction to seasonal food sources, distribution, and season movements.

Prior to the 2011 season, TPWD purchased and refurbished radio collars and telemetry equipment for use in the project.  Newberry hopes the project will lead to a larger program, or one that can be replicated in some western counties.

Last season was very difficult for trapping deer.  “I was able to catch six bucks, four (all 31/2 years and older) of which were fitted with radio collars so their movements can be documented.  The batteries last up to 11/2 years.  Thus far they haven’t moved very far from the capture site, ‘course with the abundant vegetation out there why would they need to,” said Newberry.

In addition to the collared bucks, several deer were tagged. Newberry is asking that hunters, land owners and others help him in tracking the deer.

“I need you to notify me if you, your hunters, or your friends see an ear-tagged or collared deer on your remote cameras, while hunting, or harvest an ear-tagged deer.  I just need the location of the sighting, the tag number, or harvest location.

Each deer captured has a yellow All-Flex ear tag numbered  and marked with “TPWD”. On the back of the tag are directions for hunters to follow if the deer is harvested.

Newberry will be capturing a couple more deer this fall in an effort to increase the sample size.  Newberry’s capture sites are east of Henrietta. “But some of these deer could go a good distance so please let me know if you catch a glimpse of one of these deer,” he said.

Newberry can be reached at (940) 538-5689, or by e-mail at Charlie.tpwd@gmail.com.


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