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Flags lowered, Byers School bell rings for the last time


The flags are lowered at Byers School during a ceremony to mark the school's closing.

By Peggy Browning
Pioneer Sentinel

A large crowd of former students, former teachers and employees, and Byers residents and school supporters attended a short ceremony atByers School Monday evening. They were there to say a final good-bye to their school and witness its formal closing.

Weldon Craig, Byers school board vice-president, spoke briefly about the school’s closing then gave final awards and recognition to outstanding students and employees.

Mike Priddy, former superintendent ofByersIndependentSchool District, gave a final address about the end of an era and offered some comforting words to the crowd.

Priddy praised the dedicated teachers and cooperative students of the district and recounted memories of challenges and triumphs. He thanked the Byers community for the continuous support of their school and for responding to every need of the district. He praised school board members for their service to the school.

Then Priddy offered some encouragement and advice to Byers students, of whom all will attend other schools next year.

“Go enjoy yourself. You come from a community that always showed support for you and that will continue to support you,” Priddy said.

Priddy ended the ceremony with a prayer.

Former fifth and sixth grade teacher Sandra English lowered the flags for the last time.

Former English teacher Judy Wade rang the school bell for the last time, solemnly signaling that the school year has ended for the last time.


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