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NStep wellness program unvailed

By Ashley Crownover

Henrietta Care Center is pleased to announce that we are implementing a new program!

Our new NStep program will be ready to go into full effect sometime during the month of July.  After a major medical occurrence, patients may not respond as quickly to the recovery process as others. With hospital stays becoming routinely shorter, patients have very few options to continue a coordinated plan of care, including therapy and 24-hour nursing care. Many may just need more time to heal, or have other health issues impeding the recovery process.

NStep Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness Centers were created to provide high quality Inpatient and Outpatient rehabilitation and wellness programs close to home. The Inpatient Unit serves as a Transitional Step-down Unit, to continue treatment plans started in a hospital setting. While the Outpatient Program provides continued therapy and wellness programs to those who have returned home. Some may require weeks or even months of recovery before returning to home. Recovery is more than physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy, it takes an integrated staff to treat the “whole” person through a combination of medical, nutritional, physical, psychosocial and spiritual therapies. It is just the kind of place we have strived to create for you, come and experience a new kind of care. We cannot wait to give you more information on our program and to have it going in full effect. We will keep you updated!

Our monthly resident birthday party is this Friday the 29th at 3 p.m. The birthday parties are a lot of fun each month. You should come out and join us if you have a chance. You will definitely enjoy yourself. The residents love celebrating birthdays, and they love having guests here to help them celebrate.

Summer is here, and we have lemonade at our nurses’ station for your enjoyment. Stop by and take a tour or just say hello and grab a cup of lemonade to cool you down on these hot summer days.

Our garden has turned out beautifully. We have various kinds of peppers as well as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, corn, okra, and radishes. The vegetables taste wonderful, and we are proud of how the garden turned out. You are welcome to stop by and take a look.

July will be here before we know it. We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their month of June and has a wonderful start to July.


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