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May deeds recorded


The following deeds were recorded in the Clay County Clerk’s Office in the month of May 2012:

Stephen Bachman to Jeffrey D. Brown et al, Pt Lots 10 & 11, Block A, Rodgers Addition.

William C. Head to Garrett Family Trust UTA dated March 11, 2011, Pt. TE & L, 2607.

William C. Head to Kevin Horn, E/80acres of E/2 of T.E. & L., No. 2628.

Ray Keith et al to Murray Don Dawson et al, Lots 7 & 8, Block 16 OT Byers, and Pt of Blk 111, Byers Bros. Sub.

David Dunn to Darren Dunn et ux, Lot 27, Red Rock Estates.

Alice McEntee to Tonya Taylor, Lots 9-11, Block 6, Barrett’s Addition.

Union Square Federal Credit Union to Susan Peterson, E. 90’ of Lots 13, 14, 15 & 16, Block 30 Railroad Addition.

Janis Campbell et al to John David Campbell, Lots 3 & 4, Block 2, Arrowhead Acres.

Franklin Eugene Evans to Timothy D. Jetton et ux, 12.235 acres, T. Plemons, A-932.

Mildred Billingsley to David Eugene Faram et ux, 51.48 acres, Block 58, Wood CSL.

Jason Eldon Johnson et ux to Troy F. Potts et al, Lot 1, Block 6, Centennial Park, Phase I.

Leta May Hargrove et al to Joy VFD, Pt. of H. Williams, A-704.

A.L. Rhodes et al to Stanley K. Horwood et al, 6492.41 acres, a/k/a “The Lonestar Ranch”.

Clay County Country Club, Inc. to Raymond Eugene Franklin et al, 128 acres, A. Crain, A-83.

Estate of Ella Mae Wells to Albert Graham, 1.40 acres, Block 35, J.H. Belcher.

Dee Wayne Dye et al to Fred Skeen, Lot 7, Lee Gilbert Sub, A-1058.

Royce Echols, Jr. et ux to Lou Ann Horton et al, All of Lot 18, Lots 1-4 & W 12.3 feet of Lot 5, Block 10, Earles Addition.

228 Helmcamp Drive, LLC to Little Clay, LLC, 4.13 acres, Block 35, Kemp & Newby Sub.

228 Helmcamp Drive, LLC to Big Clay, LLC, 30.70  acres, Block 35, Kemp & Newby Sub.

Greg Stallcup et ux to Milton Doyle Smith et ux, Lots 9 & 10& S/2 Lot 11, Block 3, Barretts Addition.

Jerry Murphy et al to Michael Alvin Koetter et ux, 131 2/3 acres, Blocks 11 & 12, Grayson CSL.

Chad B. Trietsch et al to Rodney E. Lantz et al, 0.39 acres, Byers Bros, Block 98.

First Bank to David W. Park, Lots 7 & S/2 8, Block 76, Petrolia Sub.

David W. Park to Keith Graves et ux, Lots 7 & S/2 8, Block 76, Petrolia Sub.


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